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18650 Fatshark headset DIY Kit

18650 Fatshark headset DIY Kit
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18650 Fatshark headset DIY Kit
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  • Model: 18650 Fatshark headset DIY Kit
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We decided to get together the parts for a headset battery pack - these parts can be used in a 3d Printed case like this one

or you can heat shrink them up or even use electrical tape.  The included cell checker is great to test the charge capacity.
the Kit also includes the great quality Panasonic 3400mah 18650 cells providing much longer run time than most other cells.

Whats included:

2 x 18650 3400mah Panasonic cells
1 x Right angled barrel plug that fits most goggles
1 x Cell checker board 2s
1 x JST-XH 2s Balance plug with silicone wires



Soldering directly to cells is only for experienced DIY users - read up on cell safety before attempting to Use this kit
Use of this kit is at your own risk.

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