Work in progress

Site needed some love
I know the site isn’t 100% ready to launch, but we thought we would launch with what we have and improve over time.
We were getting some issues with the old hosting provider reaching inode limits so a lot of work has been done behind the scene to migrate the content to a new back-end.  A lot of the custom modules that we had written for the old site have not been re-written yet so expect a few changes as we refine how things work.

We had planned to launch a few weeks back but with some recent family issues we had to put it on hold while we worked through them, at buzz we are a family business and family comes first so hopefully you weren’t too inconvenienced.
As time went on the data from the old live system and the migrated system was getting out of sync, so the decision was to run with not 100% finished site to maintain order history and account details.

Gift vouchers and account credit may not have come across yet so if you have a voucher that you haven’t used or have some unused account credit just drop us an email and i will get that rectified.

if you do notice any issues – please drop me a line and i will get it addressed as soon as i can


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