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5" Props

SPECIFICATIONSBlades:3Material:PCPitch:3.5inchProp Disk Diameter:129.6mmCenter Thickness:7mmCenter Hole Inner diameter:5mm/POPOMax Prop Width:14.2mmWeight:4.7gAdaptive Motor:2206-2407Colors: Clear Gray, White, Yellow, Red, BluePACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Hub Assembly2 x CW Prop2 x CCW Prop..
AUD $5.08
Brand: Dal Prop Model: Dalprop SpitFire T5147.5
Weight3.8gQuantity2 x CW 2 x CCWDiameter of Hub5mmSize of Prop5.1 inchMaterialPure PCHeight of Hub7mmPOPOSupport..
AUD $4.61
Brand: Dal Prop Model: Dal Prop Fold F5 5147 Folding Propellers
Weight 4.2gPitch 4.75Blade 3Size of Prop 5.1"Material PCHeight of Hub 7mmShaft 5mmPackage 4 hubs & 12 blades; 2 x CW 2 x CCW..
AUD $6.16
Brand: Gemfan Model: Gemfan 5125 3-Blade Propellers 5mm/1.5mm Shaft
The Gemfan 5125 props is the lightest 3-blad props at the market. It is great option for ultralite frames with T-mount motors like TWIG ET5 5‘’ Toothpick Quad. More responsive and very well managed throttle control. The best thing about this prop's hub design is that it can also be used wi..
AUD $5.08
Brand: Emax Model: 2 pairs EMAX Avan Scimitar 5030 5x3.0 Inch PC 3-Blade Propeller
    Tech Specs:Geometry:5 inch diameter3.0 inch pitch3 bladesweight:  5.4 grams..
AUD $5.08
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-MOTOR T5146 TRI BLADE PROPELLERS CW/CCW (4 pack)
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AUD $4.61
Brand: Gemfan Model: GF 5149 FLASH DURABLE 3 BLADE
Gemfan joins the POPO crew with their latest high-speed prop, the 5149. This propeller has tons of thrust, even in the low end.The latest iteration of high-speed racing props from Gemfan could be your next go-to prop in your bag. These props come in weighing 4.6g each, rather light considering their..
AUD $5.08
Brand: Gemfan Model: GF 51499 HURRICANE DURABLE 3 BLADE
Gemfan's Hurricane series was designed for racing at high speed with impressive efficiency. The throttle curve is optimized for a linear response that gives you great control in both low and high speeds.Durability was also a main focus of the hurricane. Even if you bend a prop, there is a good chanc..
AUD $5.08
Brand: Gemfan Model: Gemfan Hurricane 51466
Get ready to race with Gemfan's Hurricane 51466 Durable 3-Blade Propeller. The 51466 Hurricane series was designed for agile flight at high speed with its incredibly low weight at just over 4g.The 51466 has a smaller blade profile and excels in higher RPMs due to the lighter weight and smaller paddl..
AUD $4.94
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-MOTOR T5150
SpecificationsInner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mmUsage: 5.1" or greater frameMaterial: PolycarbonateColor: Clear RedWeight: 5.2gPOPO Compatible: YesIncludes5x T5150-1 CW Propellers5x T5150-1 CCW Propellers..
AUD $11.81
Specifications:Size: 5.1"Pitch 4.7"Blades 3Weight 4.4gMounting hole M5Center Hub Thickness 7mmPOPO Compatible YesPackage contains  5 x CW and 5 x CCW propellers...
AUD $11.19
Brand: HQ Prop Model: HQ Prop 5.1X5.1X3 V1S
SPECS: Length: 5.1inchPitch:5.1Blades: 3Material: Poly CarbonateHub Diameter:13.3mmHub Thicknes:7.5mmShaft: 5mmWeight: 4.95gColor:Black, Light Blue, Light RedAdaptor Rings: NOIncludes:  2XCCW Prop, 2XCW Prop..
AUD $4.48
Brand: HQ Prop Model: HQProp 5x4x4 PC V1S QUAD PROPS
A set of 4 HQProp Durable series V1S propellers, 4 blade style with a 5mm center hub. The durable series of propellers are very robust and break resistant, made from durable nylon material.Part Number: DP5x4x4Rotation: CW, CCWLength: 5 inchPitch: 4 inchMaterial: PCHub ID: 5mm Hub OD: 13.5mInclu..
AUD $4.61
Brand: AzurePower Model: AZURE POWER 5148 SFP
AZURE POWER 5148 SFP SFP. Stands for Strong Fast Prop. It’s specially designed for racing. Pushing power and agility to reach new height, all while retaining an incredible in-control feel.An all new airfoil design, with a large critical angle of attack, gives you the thrust that you need at all RPMs..
AUD $4.61
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