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8mm Gold Bullet / Banana Plugs 5 pairs

8mm Gold Bullet / Banana Plugs 5 pairs
8mm Gold Bullet / Banana Plugs 5 pairs
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  • Model: 8mm Gold Bullet / Banana Plugs 5 pairs
AUD $10.80
Product Name: 8.0mm banana plug
Product model:
60038 ( male + female)
60039 (male)
60040 (female)
Metal material: Copper
Applicable products: for motor, electrical and other products
Product weight: 11.3g/set
Product introduction
1 The design of the new 1 male head shape, increase the contact surface area, can resistant than regular 4.0mm banana plug more current.
2 raw materials non-toxic lead-free, comply with ROHS environmental standard.
3 plug 24K gold plating, the thickness reached 0.05 M, plug thousands of plating will not fall off. The thickness of the coating plays the role of protecting the plug to prevent oxidation and prolong the service life.
4 good conductivity, stability, temperature, continuous discharge.
5 new tail wire slot, convenient welding line.
UAV servo motor / plug, supporting the UAVbattery, vehicle lithium batteries and other related products.

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