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Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi

Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
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  • Model: Antenna 2.4ghz 5dBi
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This is a high quality 5dbi 2.4ghz antenna.  It has been extensively tested on the Taranis and provides a 30-50% increase in the radio range over the stock antenna.  Importantly, we found no material shortcomings during typical short range park flyer applications.  

Our ground based range test recorded up to a 20 RSSI improvement and a 50% increase in distance. Using a 45 RSSI warning we achieved a range test of 80 metres whereas the 5dbi setup achieved 120 metres. In the air, despite the higher dbi antenna, we experienced no RSSI warnings whatsoever during normal park flyer short range testing.  In other words, we boosted the signal to the plane and extended the range with no obvious negative impact. 

Our lab testing of the impedance loss (return loss) achieved -18db (98%) at the centre of the band and no worse than -13dB (95%) on the edge of the band. Read, these are not the usual ebay %*&*! 

Frequency: 2.4ghz
Gain: 5dbi
Connector: RPSMA(M)
Weight: 26 grammes
Length: 20 cm

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