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Battery Straps

When every part of your quad must perform, don’t let your battery pad be the weak link. After an exhaustive search, Tommy found a material that would eliminate the issue of ejected batteries while keeping giving some protection. This ultra sticky battery pad keeps your lipo’s locked in place, and wh..
Brand: BoltRc Model: BOLT Battery Strap 300x25mm (2pcs)
A new strap by BOLT with outstanding features to protect your battery from being a projectile.Besides the lovely anti-slip fibers, we have designed this strap extra wide for added grip.  Unlike kevlar, these straps have a small amount of stretch which keeps the tension on the battery. ..
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: MICRO BATTERY ANTI-SLIP PAD (5PCS)
Super grippy, sticky battery pads for your micro builds.SPECIFICATIONSize (LWH): 18 x 25 x 2.5 (mm)Grippiness: SuperWeight: 1.17g per pad. INCLUDES5 x Micro Anti-slip battery pads with double-sided stickytape backing...
Brand: BUZZ Model: Battery Strap 230x25mm - Anti-slip (2pcs)
Black Battery Strap with silicon rubber anti-slip coating (2 pack)..
Brand: Lumenier Model: Lumenier Indestructible Kevlar Lipo Strap - 10x180mm (3pcs)
Tired of breaking battery straps from crashes and weak designs? The Lumenier Indestructible Kevlar straps are guaranteed to hold up! Each strap is made from ultra-durable Kevlar thread woven together for maximum strength. On top of that, strands of rubber are woven into the Kevlar providing a no-sli..
Brand: NewBeeDrone Model: NewBeeDrone Small Battery Strap
Strap it in, and show your love with our very own NewBeeDrone small straps! These new smaller straps are perfect for your micro quad setups, coming in at a mere 203mm, and 16.9mm wide. The back of the strap has a rubber coating to prevent slippage and give it that extra grip..
Brand: FpvLife Model: FpvLife Black {K}evlar battery straps (2 pack)
black Amarid straps {k}evlar 230mm x 20mm metal buckle 2 Pack..
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: BATTERY ANTI-SLIP PAD (3PCS)
Super grippy, sticky battery pads for different size quads (cut to your own size).  SPECIFICATION Size (LWH): 100 x 50 x 3 (mm) Grippiness: Super INCLUDES 3 x Anti-slip battery pads of identical size with double-sided stickytape backing.a great alternative to the UMMAGRIP..
Model: LiPo Battery Straps 12*150mm for 1-3S indoor 90mm FPV Racing Dro
LiPo Battery Straps 12*150mm for 1-3S indoor 90mm FPV Racing Drones The Lipo Strap is rubberized on the side facing the lipo which ensures the lipo can't slip out, even without any additional hook and loop adhesive applied to the lipo and frame. In our opinion, these are by far the best perf..
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