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When every part of your quad must perform, don’t let your battery pad be the weak link. After an exhaustive search, Tommy found a material that would eliminate the issue of ejected batteries while keeping giving some protection. This ultra sticky battery pad keeps your lipo’s locked in place, and wh..
Brand: Amass Model: XT90 Connectors with Spark Arrestor 1 pair
Made by AMASS, they make reliable connectors, that's the name you can trust. You are looking at the XT90-S connector, that "S" means Anti-Spark, compare with ordinary XT90 connector, this one has more protection when you connect with high voltage battery packs like the 22.2V or even 44.4V.What is th..
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV - Smart Power Case V2
Model: FOLOMOV A1 Magnetic USB Li-ion Battery Charger
If your current charger won't fit the larger cells or a protected cell or just want a portable solutionThe A1 is a simple and fuss-free Lithium Ion charger with a rather unique power bank feature. It has a rather small footprint, taking up very little space for what is capable of. It can easily be p..
Brand: Jumper Model: Jumper T16 Spare Part - 18650 Battery Tray
This is a genuine spare part for the Jumper T16 Series Radio Control - Battery Tray, compatible with 2x 18650 Li-Ion cells...
Brand: ISDT Model: iSDT 608AC Smart Battery Charger
The iSDT 608AC is a unique AC/DC charger whose standout feature is the ability to detach the AC power supply. Use the whole unit at home for an all-in-one solution or slide off the charger and take it to the field to charge via the XT-60.Clear and easy-to-navigate menus are typical with iSDT, and th..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: BT2.0-PH2.0 Adapter Cable
BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Tiny Whoop Drone. To provide our customers with greatest convenience, we specially made this adapter cable, this adapter cable will be a perfect solution when you want to charge the BT2.0 300 mAh 1S battery with the PH 2.0 charger.&nb..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: BT2.0 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail 6pk
BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Tiny Whoop Drone. BT2.0 1S whoop cable pigtail is an option for you to modify your drone or your 1S FC board which is with the PH2.0 connector. With the 1.0mm banana connectors, it can support 9A continuous current and 15A burst...
Brand: BetaFpv Model: BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester
What a convenient product! This charger is tailored for our BT2.0 300mAh 1S battery. Not only a charger, but also a cell voltage tester! Thanks to the on-board LCD display. The charge current is up to 1A, which improved its efficiency and shorted the charging time. By using BT2.0 connector, it would..
Model: Lipo-Safe Bag
Protect your home and valuables from a fire due to a Lipo battery failure with this Lipo-Safe bag. Useful for storage, travel and during charging. The bag has an inner lining made from a woven fire retardant fiberglass material, which helps contain and greatly reduce any fires inside the bag.We urge..
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS SMOKE STOPPER
Avoid imminent disaster with the TBS Smoke Stopper: A self-healing / resettable fuse in line of the power going to your quad.The first time you power your drone is often called the "smoke test". If everything powers up fine, you've passed, if not, you'll be inhaling blue magic smoke and replacing pa..
Model: LIPOSuction 3-6s
Always Charge and discharge is a fireproof container and never leave unattended - this unit heats up to discharge - keep away from anything flammableFeatures:1.This lithium battery discharger made of high quality material,small size,lightwe..
Brand: ISDT Model: ISDT H605 Air 50W 5A DC 2S-6S Smart bluetooth Charger
H605 Air is a smart charger operated by mobile phone APP ( iSDT GO ). The mobile phone communicates with H605 through low-power bluetooth ( BLE ) to read real-time information of charger and set charging task. How to use: 1.Add device: First, open the app while making sure the phone's..
Model: 8 x JST/2S/3S LiPoly Battery Parallel Charging Board
 8 x JST/2S/3S LiPoly Battery Parallel Charging BoardSpecs:Max Current: 10AMax Current (Each JST Port): 3AMax Current( Balance Port): 3AMax Voltage: 36V..
Brand: BUZZ Model: XT30 Male to XT60 Female Adapter (Short Version)
 XT30 Male to XT60 Female AdapterSpecification:Item name: Battery ConnectorPlug: XT30 Male to XT60 FemalePackage Included: 1 X Battery Connector..
Lipo Battery Charger Balance Board JST-XH 2-6SWorks With Most Lipo Battery ChargersWorks With 2S - 6S Batteries With A JST-XH Balance PlugJST-XH Connector Is On Traxxas, Venom, Racers Edge, Thunder Power, And Many More BatteriesIt will work work with any 2S,3S,4S,5S and 6S lipo batteries with a JST-..
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