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Brand: Golisi Model: Golisi O2 2 Slot 18650 Battery Charger with AU Plug
Main features:● Economic and practical battery charger● Non-button operation● It can automatically distribute current to each cell● Output: 2A x 1pc / 1A x 2pcs ( li-ion battery ), 0.5A x 2pcs ( other batteries )● Compatible with: 18650 / 14500 / 16340 / 18350 / 18500 / 26650 / 32650 etc.● NIHM: AA ..
Brand: Golisi Model: GOLISI O4 Smart Charger 4 bay 18650
Description:The GOLISI O4 Smart Charger is a universal, automatic smart charger, which is compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries. So there is no need to own several chargers. It features fast charging technology which can reach 2A when using single slot charging. The O4 is super ..
Model: Nitecore New i4 18650 Charger AC / DC
Nitecore NEW i4 with AU PlugInputAC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.25A(max) 10WDC 9~12V 1AOutput4.35V±1%/4.2V±1%/ 3.7V±1%/1.48V±1%1500mA x 1 / 750mA x 2 / 500mA x 2 / 375mA x 4Compatible withLi-ion/IMR/LiFePO4:10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 13450, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 1650..
Brand: UltraPower Model: UltraPower UP60AC Mini 60w 6s
Input voltage: AC 100-240VCharge Power: 60WDischarge Power:10WCharge Current:0.1-6.0ADischarge Current:0.1-2.0ABalance Current:200mA/cellLiPo/LiFe/LiIo/LiHV cell count:2-4 cells  NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 6-8 cellsPb battery voltage: 6V-12V (3-6 cells)Battery data memory:10 ProfilesNet weig..
Brand: UltraPower Model: Ultrapower UP-S4AC AC DC Charger
Features:1. It can charge 4 different types of batteries at the same time, 1-2S LiPo/LiHv, 2-6S NiMH/Nicd;2. The battery voltage, current, capacity and other parameter information can be viewed during the charging process;3. Supports four single-cell type interfaces and nickel-hydrogen nickel-cadmiu..
Brand: BUZZ Model: XT60 to Multi-plug Charging Cable
A Handy Multi-plug charging cable for ToolkitRc, iSDT, Ultrapower, GT Power, Hota or any charger with XT60 output...
Brand: BUZZ Model: XT60 to Alligator clip
A Handy Power Supply Cable for ToolkitRc, iSDT, Ultrapower, GT Power, Hota or any charger with XT60 input...
Model: IMaxRC IMax B3 Pro
Specifications:Color: BlackMaterial: PlasticDimensions: 95 x 55 x 35mmCharging number of batteries: 2-3cellsInput voltage: 110-240V ACMaximum charge current: 1.5A (2S) 1A (3S)Charging Display: Through three LED lights, red and greenLED indicator shows: Wait: Green, Charging: Red, Full: Green, Fault:..
Model: XT60 Charging Lead to 4mm Banana Plugs 30cm
The main charge leads are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries. Directly connect to your batteries with XT60 connectors, and to your charger with 4mm banana plugs. 15cm of heavy-duty 14 AWG silicone..
Model: XT30 Connectors
1 pair of male / female XT30 connectors  ..
Brand: Betaflight Model: USB Whoop Charger - Power Whoop connector
This USB charger is easy to use, accurate and safe. These three features are exactly the reasons for you to add it to your cart. Convenience: Multiple discharge functions can fulfill various discharge demands, with maximum discharge current 240mAh. Accuracy: The software is con..
Brand: UltraPower Model: Ultra Power UP-S6 1S Battery Charger
The UP-S6 employs a circuit that features 6 totally independent but identical power outputs which are powered 4.35W each. It's designed for charging single cell Lipo and LiHV. Insert the battery lead to the right connectors at each port. The charger can charge up to 6 batteries at the same time. The..
Model: ParaBoard V3 Parallel Charging Board XH and XT30
This ParaBoard with self-resettable fuse protection. The PCB board is made of three ounce copper and the main circuit supports up to 40A current. All the balance ports are protected by resettable fuses (also known as polyfuse). Use ParaBoard V3 to charge up to 6 batteries in parallel. This Para..
Brand: NewBeeDrone Model: Nectar Injector Smart Charger
Introducing the brand new Nectar Injector from NewBeeDrone! The perfect small sized charger for your AcroBee or Tiny Whoop 1-Cell batteries, thats compact enough to take anywhere with you! Why is our charger different? The Nectar Injector uses separate charging chips for each battery, 8-bi..
Model: Micro Parallel Board for Pico PH1S PH2S XH2S Type Battery
Micro Parallel Board for Pico PH1S PH2S XH2S Type Battery Description: Micro Parallel Board for Pico PH1S PH2S XH2S Type Battery Charge batteries faster and safer Charge up to 9 batteries at the same time Protected by resettable polyfuses LED light indicates conductivity Less time to charge..
Model: Lipo Killer 0v Discharger with XT60 & XT30 plugs
If you have damaged a battery and want to dispose of it with less risk of catching fire - drain it to zero first We don't encourage the nail or knife through the cells as it spews out toxic gasses 0V Lipo Killer Discharger for Lipo Bat..
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