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BetaCube F3 FC for Whoop Quads

This is the upgraded version of Betacube. A customed plastic holder is made in this newest version. Soldering is eliminated and it's all plug and play.

How to Assemble the Cube


    • 1 * BETAFPV F3 brushed flight controller (All Connectors Soldered)
    • 1 * BETAFPV Z01 AIO Camera VTX (All Connectors Soldered)
    • 1 * Plastic Z01 Holder
    • 4 * M1.2x4mm screws (Fit for stock Inductrix frame)
    • 4 * M1.4x5mm screws (Fit for Beta75 etc 75mm frame)
    • 4 * Anti-vibration ruber dampers


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