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Brand: BetaFpv Model: F4 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 12A (BLHeli_S)
Light weight and easy install, this F4 2-4S AIO FC (BLHeli_S) is suitable for brushless whoop like 2S Pro 2 Series/ X Series. It has weight of 5.6g integrated with a Betaflight MATEKF411 processor FC, Betaflight OSD and 2-4S 12A ESC which can support 4S battery for fast flying experience.&..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: 450mAh 3S 75C Lipo Battery (2PCS)
BULLET POINTThis battery is customized for Beta85X, provide reliable power for the whoop, you can get 4 min 30 sec flight time on the Beta85X with smooth flight in a windless environment.This battery is also suitable for 120-sized and 150-sized micro frame quad. But please note that it is ..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Canopy for Beta85X HD
Note: If you use other screws to install the DVR board, be careful not to damage the electronic components, otherwise will cause the camera to be abnormal.BULLET POINTPE Material, more soft and anti-ruin, effectively prevent canopy from breaking. Comes with 2pcs M1.4 * 8 screws for easy in..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Betafpv 450mAh 2S 80C Lipo Battery (2PCS)
BULLET POINTSJust for micro FPV racing drone like Doinker or Moskito etcSize: 60x18.5x13.5 mmConnector is XT30 with 18AWG silicone wireRate: 80C/160CSPECIFICATIONWeight: 26gSize: 18.5x13.5x60mmConnector: XT30 with 18AWG silicone wirePack: 2S 7.4VRate: 80C/160CPACKAGE2 * BETAFPV 450mAh 2S 7.4V 80C Li..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: 7x16mm Brushed Motors 19000kv
Note 17500kv has been discontinued - these are the REPLACEMENTSBULLET POINTThe most powerful 7x16mm motors are upgraded from 17500KV to 19000KV. We are sure that these motors will turn your micro whoop into powerful monster.Weight is 2.95g per motor (including cables and connector)With JST 1.25mm 2P..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Z02 AIO Camera 5.8G VTX (Wire-Connected Version)
Note: Now one Z02 AIO camera comes with two camera mounts (25 degrees and 35 degrees)  Z02 AIO camera VTX is the newest video transmitter by BETAFPV. It has 2 great improvement since. First, switchable power output between 0mW, 25mW and 200mW. Second, Smart Audio is included and p..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Z02 AIO Camera 5.8G VTX (Pin-Connected Version)
Z02 AIO camera VTX is the newest video transmitter by BETAFPV. It has 2 great improvement since. First, switchable power output between 0mW, 25mW and 200mW. Second, Smart Audio is included and pilots could control the VTX via your radio transmitter. FEATURE Switchable power includes 0m..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Z01 Camera VTX Holder
This plastic camera holder is customer for Z01 camera VTX. But some pilots will use it for H01 or H02 camera VTX,  separate VTXs, with a few rubber bands, or a small zip-tie.  PACKAGE 1 * Z01 Camera VTX Holder..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Storage Case for Whoops
This is the Whoop case we use at Buzz to store and transport our whoops - has a spot for all the accessories you need, chargers, batteries, accessories and a 65 size whoop and a 75 size one aswell - you can also fit another one in the middle if you have a spare. Buzz Approved ! FEATURES ..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: JST-PH 2.0 PowerWhoop Power Cable Pigtail
Upgrade JST-PH 2.0 connector, AKA PowerWhoop connector, the pins will not loose easily. Must have with HV battery and high performance. The metariel of power cable is silicone. Thickness is 24AWG SPECIFICATIONS Connector : Female JST-PH 2.0, AKA PowerWhoop Female Length: 55mm ..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: F4 Brushed Flight Controller (Frsky Rx + OSD)
 Update of the F4 Brushed Flight Controller (Frsky Rx + OSD) Since the firmware is the latest  Betaflight 3.4.1, SPI Frsky D16 connection works well in this F4 flight controller.  The position of the BOOT pad on the latest F4 Brushed Flight Controller is changed to near t..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: F4 2S AIO Brushless Flight Controller
This AIO F4 FC is suitable for a lighter 2S whoop drone, like Beta65 Pro 2 or Beta75 Pro 2 etc. It integrated a Betaflight F411 processor FC, Betaflight OSD, SPI Frsky receiver and 1-2S 5A ESC. So the 2S drone could save many weight for a faster fly experience. No..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Beta85X Whoop Quadcopter - Cinewhoops
As the newest generation of X series, Beta85X absolutely is a whoop drone of extreme. Beta85X initiates a new concept of cine whoop to make the whole flying experience fun in a whoop drone. With HD DVR camera, you can simply capture breathtaking flight footage, record unforgettable memories durin..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Beta85X 2S Whoop Frame
Material: Clear plastic Diagonal motor to motor distance: 85mm Motor mounting hole: for 110x motors ( such as 1105 6000KV motors ) FC mounting hole: fully compatible with whoop style FC board mounting pattern, 26mm x 26mm LED Holder Available Weight: 10g Propellers: EMAX Avan 2" props ..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Beta75X 2S Whoop Quadcopter
Parts Updated ESC is upgraded from 6A to 10A. Definitely gives your 2s whoop drone much more POWER. FC board is upgraded to V1.2. It can support programable LED like WS2812 etc. The LED holder is designed on the 75X frame nowadays. But there's no LED holder on the 65X frame. LED board&..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: Beta75 Pro 2 Frame
This Beta75 Pro 2 frame is customized for Beta75 Pro 2 whoop drone. Light enough: only weighs 5.5g. Battery slot is suitable for both 1S & 2S battery.  By default, with the help of foam adaptor, the battery slot is designed for 2pcs 300mAh Lipo HV 1S wh..
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