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BOLT W2206 2350kv WORX

The BOLT WORX motors come with the same high-performance stable as the Kraken WORX.  Like all our WORX gear, it is designed from the ground up with our WORX race team to push boundaries and win races.  WORX gear blends top performance, extreme light weight yet remain relatively durable for both training and race day.  

These motors are designed to deliver a noticeable improvement in handling whilst still maintaining equivalent thrust with the leading power motors. 

The motor uses thick N52H magnets and 0.15mm stator lamination that delivers outstanding power and performance. Wound with thick 0.5mm single strand copper, these are not cheap motors, despite the price. The motors uses higher quality ABEC 5 bearings from EZO. These bearings are unique to our WORX brushless motors delivering a more robust and lower profile motor for improved balance when placing the battery below the quad. 

This combined with a light weight ~26grams (short wires) gives this motor an outstanding race pedigree. and most importantly, exceptional handling.   

The motor uses a 19mm mount pattern. 

What's the big deal with the weight?

Actually, weight on the end of the arms is more important than any other location on the quad.  Our race pilots report noticeable improvements in handling.  Any weight here is just magnified by the arm length squared, just google 'moment of inertia'.

How durable are these motors?

Durable enough for both training and race day. We make extensive use of advanced FEA simulation tools to design our motors to maximize strength and yet still reduce weight. That said, nothing in the world is for not to be used for proximity flying.

2 Mount Holes?

Our WORX frames have only two mount holes on the arms.

There are no big fan blades on the cap to keep the motor cool?

Light weight 'fan blades' are hidden under the bell cap together with large exit area at the base make these motors extremely well ventilated.

Can I Run 6S

No, the stator will saturate and you are at risk of blowing the magnets.  Its warranted only for 4S although 5S is is just fine, at your risk though.

What is the Thrust 

Static thrust is around 1250-1275 grams with DAL 5045 v2s.  Note that you can get slightly higher thrust with motors lik ethe ZMX Fusion 2206, however, this comes at the expense of several grams of weight (thicker magnets and also requiring a thicker can). Our extensive race track testing shows that that the small incremental thrust delivers slower times due to poor handling characteristics.  

Furthermore, the lighter WORX bell assists the motor accelerate to top speed even quicker.

Can be used on normal Quads or the light weight 2 hole arms like the Kraken or the Twig.

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