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BOLT2206 2350kv V3++

Based on the original ZMX 2206 V3, this is an upgraded version made by BH to our specification with our special orange-red cap.  We like to call it the V3++ because the performance is noticeably higher than the V3 and V4.

The motor uses thick N52H magnets that deliver outstanding power and performance. Hand wound with thick single strand copper, these are not cheap motors, despite the price. This combined with a light weight ~28grams gives this motor a unique race pedigree. 

We have tinkered with the V3 formula by adding an extra 70kv for extra punch out of the corners.  Current draw is an important factor in reducing voltage sag and maintaining power.  We have upgraded the stator laminations to 0.15mm giving improved effeiciency.

The motor uses a custom 19mmx19mm mount pattern. We believe all motors should adopt this pattern. Why? No more need for mount slots in the arms that cost weight and decrease strength.  For extreme quads with 'stick' arms and only two mount holes, pilots can rotate the motor by 90 degrees to optimise the motor wire location along the arm.

In case you are wondering how they compare, they leave the V3s in the rear view mirror!

Note: this motor and parts are compatible with the V3+

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