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Brand: CL_Racing Model: TALON F7 FUSION
SPECIFICATIONMCU: STM32F722RET6 216MHz2x ICM20602 GYROS 90 deg phaseBuilt in Betaflight OSDUp to 8S (36V) direct battery powerBuzzer pads for external buzzerBuilt in voltage monitoring resistor5V 2A BECDedicated LDO for Gyro, noise free gyro powerDedicated LDO for OSD, cleaner OSD signalLed strip sh..
Brand: CL_Racing Model: CL Racing F4 - Mini Flight Controller
Enjoy the full size CL Racing FC lineup?  Want to take a similar product into the world of brushless micros?  Look no further than this 20x20mm option!  It's got everything you expect, including:Built in Betaflight OSDSTM32F405 @168mhz Direct 2-6S inputMPU6000 gyroFiltered 5V and..
Brand: CL_Racing Model: Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller
When it comes to the 20x20 board, most pilot's are going to use a 4 in 1 ESC.  The problem with the 4 in 1 ESC is the connectors are not all the same. Different manufacturing has different 4 in 1 sockets, or you have to use their own flight controller to pair with their ESC.  We went ahead..
Brand: CL_Racing Model: Talon F7 BB 20X20 Flight Controller
Now with Black Box! A new generation of Talon is here. With a F7 processor and 8S capable, Talon is the only 20X20 on the market with a STM32F722RET6 216MHz processor.  Built in Betaflight OSD, 6 UARTS, and dedicated LDOs for cleaner gyro and OSD signals makes Talon F7 the most powerful 20X20 F..
Brand: CL_Racing Model: CLRACING RACE LED 35MM
Race wire strips to make it easier using 4 in 1 esc's These ones light up ! Also with staggered solder points for safer operation Choose your colours & Size from Drop down Box 35mm Boards Weight: 1.1g   LED Quantity: 6 Size: 9x35x1.6mm Lipo Input: 3-6S Color: Red, White, Blue..
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