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CORGI - By Shen Drones

Corgi is a 220mm 5" quad designed to carry the GoPro Session. Win races with Krieger and Mixuko, but use Corgi to record sweet HD footage and get accolades and sponsors.

The included 3d printed Ninja Flex camera holders keep the Session safe inside the frame, but loosen two screws and they rotate up for easy access. The mounts are printed by Twisted Quads, and they carry TQ's no BS promise: if you somehow manage to break it, send them a photo and pay shipping for a replacement.

Weight is as centralized as possible, with the Session and battery right on the prop line and next to each other. 

With the pdb and fc down between the lower plates, Corgi is a challenging build, definitely not for the first timer.

Frame weight 147g.

Read about its development here. Build guide here.

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