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 DALPROP CYCLONE T6040C is a three-blade propeller for 6" quadcopters. DAL has strict QC and introduces professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration. It is marked unbroken.

Since the first Cyclone, DAL props have been designed by a leading aerodynamics professor in China. Within the first few seconds of flying a Cyclone propeller, you can feel the tight response and feel. This special quality has been distinctly maintained throughout the Cyclone line again and again, and you will feel it with the T6040C. 

With hundreds of thousands of sets sold each month, the Cyclone line of props have been some of the most successful props the industry has ever seen. The T6040C is a fantastic addition to the line.


Material: PC+Glass Fiber

Color: black, crystal blue, crystal purple

Inner diameter (Prop mount): φ5mm 

Length: 6 inch

Pitch: 4 inch

Weight: 5.8g ea.


2x CW Cyclone T6040C Props

2x CCW Cyclone T6040C Props

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