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ImpulseRC designed flight controller and integrated power distribution board.

The Helix flight controller is precise, the flight controller is completely soft mounted and its enlarged holes allow the standoffs to pass through to the carbon plate below leaving the Helix flight controller floating on a self-adhesive die cut foam rubber gasket (Included). Isolating the flight electronics from vibrations gives the most crisp and responsive flight characteristics possible.

Our Helix flight controller features an MPU6000 SPI gyro which is well known for its Low noise and great ability in handling tough environments.

Not only is this Flight Controller compact but it packs a punch! It is capable of running on a 6S Lipo (25.2v) with no modifications! The flight controller electronics are rated for up to 40 volts which means even when using a 6s Lipo (25.2v) you will not have to use a capacitor to reduce voltage spikes because the electronics are already capable of taking any voltage spikes a 6s Lipo is capable of producing. (Please note we do not recommend using anything higher then 6s (25.2v) because of voltage spikes that are capable of happening when using higher powered ESC on setups that use 6s (25.2v).


*Correct BetaFlight .Hex File name for the Helix flight controller: IMPULSERCF3.hex*


  • (1x) Helix flight controller
  • (1x) Vibration pad
  • (1x) Low profile buzzer
  • (4x) Plastic locators for flight controller

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