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Brand: I-Flight Model: RGB LED Power Module for iFlight Backpack
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONRGB LED Module User Guide Video please check in this link (LINK)Specs:Lamp bead model: SK6812Voltage: 2-6S (HVbattery is not recommended)Connector: XT60Power consumption: 0.04W (standby), 1.2W (MAX)Time: 25-30 hours (6S 1300mAh battery)Color: RGB multiple colorsVolt..
AUD $18.70
Brand: ViFly Model: VIFLY Strobe Anti Collision Light for Drones
3+ Miles Visibility, Meets FAA Anti Collision Lights RulesVIFLY Strobe use 5*3W Hi-intensity LED which provide the greatest range available for a mini strobe. 360º 3+ mile visibility satisfies all FAA guidelines, a must have accessory for your safe flying at night.3 Different Colors and 3 ..
AUD $23.11
Brand: ViFly Model: ViFly GPS Mate
Most drone pilots have a problem when using the GPS on their drones. GPS modules are slow and get interference. A pilot must wait many minutes for a GPS fix. To do this, everything must be powered, which drains the battery and causes extra interference. It also has the potential risk to cause o..
AUD $23.09
Brand: BUZZ Model: PandaRC LED Controller
Description:Item Name: LED Control Board Input Voltage: 2-6SLED Board Weight: 3gMounting Hole: 20.5*20.5/30.5*30.5mmPackage Included:1* LED Control Board 1 Bag* Cables..
AUD $11.50
Model: FLYWOO Finder V1.0 SE w/ 2PCS LED 2PCS BUZZER
DescriptionFLYWOO Finder V1.0 BB Ring 100dB Buzzer Alarm with LED Light Support BF CF Flight Control Parts for RC Micro Drone QuadThe buzzer has two modes of operation:1. It is compatible with the functions of the traditional active buzzer and synchronized with the flight control.2. When the flight ..
AUD $14.41
Brand: Flywoo Model: Flywoo Frame Arm LED Combo
Perfect arm LEDs for micro builds!Pin spacing compatible with JST 1.25mm connectors.Comes with 4 colors in 4x10mm sizing. ..
AUD $15.42
Brand: ViFly Model: VIFLY Finder 2
Advanced ViSense TechnologyWith ViSense-based technology, the VIFLY Finder 2 can power itself to beep even the quad battery has been ejected. Even more, the built-in light sensor can detect light intensity and then smartly control the LED light to flash. Besides, it enables the buzzer automatically ..
AUD $21.95
Brand: Matek Model: WS2812 5050 LED STRIP
Add some bling to your copter with these addressable led's you can program them to react to signals from the controller or react to warnings like low battery / armed or flight modes. Very bright led's that can even be seen during daylight from a distance. The boards can be chained to produce long..
AUD $5.66
Brand: Matek Model: WS2812 5050 LED Board - Cleanflight / neopixel with Buzzer
NEW BOARD LAYOUT now including a buzzer for visual and audable feedback Add some bling to your copter with these addresable led's very easy to add to a cleanflight enabled board such as the naze32 or Flip 33 you can program them to react to signals from the controller or react to warnings like low..
AUD $5.66
Product Description WS1812B LED Strip Light Board 80A 3.3-5.5V for FPV Racing ARM Wire Programming 2.6g Arm wire programming LED Strip light board is a new product that combines the function of motor ESC connecting wire with the function of arm LED light strip. The maximum conductivity of PCB ..
AUD $11.63
Model: Led strip 4 pack (White, Blue, Red, Green)
7mm x 30mm per strip 4 strips per pack   1 x Red   1 x Blue   1 x Green   1 x white Light / Bright and easy to mount ..
AUD $2.83
Brand: CL_Racing Model: CLRACING RACE LED
Race wire strips to make it easier using 4 in 1 esc's These ones light up ! Also with staggered solder points for safer operation Choose your colours & Size from Drop down Box 35mm Boards Weight: 1.1g   LED Quantity: 6 Size: 9x35x1.6mm Lipo Input: 3-6S Color: Red,..
AUD $12.13
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS Portable LED Lamp V2
Whether you need some extra lights for soldering or you are out flying at night. The TBS Led Portable Lamp will not leave you in the dark! Give it a full charge via the microusb port and this lamp can stay on for hours. The new design with a 360 lamp head also allows you to use your imagination t..
AUD $30.23
Model: Buzzer (for flight controller)
Buzzer for the Naze / Lazybee / KK2 / Flip Great to get audible feedback from the flight controller and also low battery alarm. If you are flying a mini an essential piece of hardware to help you find a down model. 5cm - jst    ..
AUD $1.87
Model: Battery protector / Lights / Alarm
Great for adding lights to your quad temporarily for a night flying or carpark session - don't damage your expensive batteries in a carpark - scuff up one of these protectors instead. - BUZZ APPROVED AND TESTED ! Features: This is a multifunctional battery protection board designed for Type â€..
AUD $16.08
Description: RGB LED Board 5050  comes with three RGB 5050 LEDs & one color switch. Seven colors are selectable by means of code switches. This LED board gives an eye-catching effect to your multirotors or planes when illuminated.   Features: Comes with a 0.3m long cable, u..
AUD $4.85
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