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Leds / Lights / Buzzers

Brand: Diatone Model: DIATONE Flash-Bang 5730 LED Board
Very bright Led's to iluminate your racer for night flying included is a 12v 500mA Bec, but we have sucessfully run them direct from 4s Lipo - they just get a bit warmer than when using the 12 Bec - Ensure good airflow if using direct 4S Also includes double sided tape to Stick to your quad ..
Brand: Diatone Model: Diatone Flash-Bang 2812 LED Board SW522/AN, 5V Programmable
The 2812 series of LED's from Diatone all contain 2812 programmable LED's. These LED's can be programmed via Betaflight and Cleanflight. These LED's require 5V and will not work on 12V...
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