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Power Distribution

FEATURESwell-selected TVS diodes to absorb dangerous voltage spikes to protect connected componentsdesigned for use with an electrolytic capacitor, which can be mounted directly on itmaximum operating Voltage 25,2V (6S LiPo)1,62g weightDESCRIPTIONThe FETtec Spike Absorber uses well chosen TVS-Diodes..
AUD $11.99
Brand: Amass Model: Amass MR60 connector
Description:Brand Name: AmassItem Name: MR60 connectorBody Material and Surface Plating: Brass and gold platedInsulation Material: PA66Features:- Suitable for connecting ESCs and motors- With protective sleeve, Assistive weld foot, more stablePackage Included:1x Amass MR60 Connector male 1x Amass MR..
AUD $2.10
Brand: Amass Model: Amass MR30 Power Connectors
FeaturesLightweightShort circuit protectionSpecificationsBrand Name: AmassItem Name: MR30 connectorBody Material and Surface Plating: Brass and gold platedInsulation Material: PA66Original Internal Resistance: 0.8MΩ500 Times Internal Resistance: 0.85MΩMax. Continuous Current: 30A (within 30 minutes)..
AUD $1.50
Model: XT60 Battery Pigtail Amass XT60H 12AWG
New higher quality Pigtails using the Amass XT60H Plug 12AWG 10cm silicone wires  ..
AUD $3.30
Brand: RushFpv Model: RUSHFPV RUSH BLADE Power Filter Board
The RUSH PFB is small in size and can be installed at the tail of the ESC as a supplementary device for the filter. It is equipped with two 35V 330uF high-speed solid capacitors, and the parallel ESR is very low 5 m0 (TEST FREQ @10KHz)! It has a good filtering effect on high-frequency interference g..
AUD $9.99
Brand: Diatone Model: MAMBA MICRO 2A BEC 5V/9V
Great little bec to run your vtx separate of the Flight controller - or run the DJI airunit and caddx vista from a filtered power sourceWe often see damage to flight controller voltage regs when you draw too many amps through them.  -  Eliminate the issue of damaging your flight controller..
AUD $4.99
Brand: I-Flight Model: Micro 2-8S BEC - 5V/12V Output
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe iFlight Micro BEC features step-down switch mode, high-efficiency synchronous rectification, and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 36V to a low output stable voltage, which makes it ideal for step-down voltage applications.It offers a very compact solutio..
AUD $10.79
Brand: Diatone Model: Diatone 601W MAMBA LED Motor
Specification:Brand Name: DiatoneModel: 601WItem Name: MAMBA LED Strip Light Board Light Color: WhiteLED Voltage: Max. 25V (6S)Motor Voltage: Max. 25V (6S)Size: 33x8x2.2mmWeight: 0.9g/PC  Package Included:4x Diatone 601W LED Strip Light..
AUD $8.99
Brand: Amass Model: XT90 Connectors with Spark Arrestor 1 pair
Made by AMASS, they make reliable connectors, that's the name you can trust. You are looking at the XT90-S connector, that "S" means Anti-Spark, compare with ordinary XT90 connector, this one has more protection when you connect with high voltage battery packs like the 22.2V or even 44.4V.What is th..
AUD $4.77
Brand: BetaFpv Model: BT2.0 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail 6pk
BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Tiny Whoop Drone. BT2.0 1S whoop cable pigtail is an option for you to modify your drone or your 1S FC board which is with the PH2.0 connector. With the 1.0mm banana connectors, it can support 9A continuous current and 15A burst...
AUD $12.33
Brand: FlightOne Model: FlightOne 5v Regulator
This is a small stand alone 5v regulator. Earlier FlightOne boards (non OSD versions) are supplied 5v power from the ESC. The newer OSD boards take full battery voltage so if you are using a Millivolt (non OSD) or Revolt (non OSD) with a 32bit ESC you need to install this regulator for it to wo..
AUD $6.17
Brand: Matek Model: Matek XCLASS PDB 8-60v FCHUB-12S
PDBInput voltage range: 8~60V (3~12S LiPo)4x70A cont, 4x110A burst4x ESC power /signal/ telemetry padsCurrent Senor: 440A,  3.3V ADC,  Scale 752x LED indicators for 5V, 12VFFC connectionCompatible with MATEKSYS FC F405-STD, F722-STDVTX: Video Transmitter signalT5 & R5: TX5 and RX5 of F..
AUD $41.65
Model: XT30 Connectors
1 pair of male / female XT30 connectors  ..
AUD $1.60
Product Description WS1812B LED Strip Light Board 80A 3.3-5.5V for FPV Racing ARM Wire Programming 2.6g Arm wire programming LED Strip light board is a new product that combines the function of motor ESC connecting wire with the function of arm LED light strip. The maximum conductivity of PCB ..
AUD $11.63
Model: Switched 35mm PDB with 2 accessorie sections
Great little pdb with accessory switches 35mm Same size as Naze32, Flip 32 or cc3d and same mounting holes this little pdb allows you to tidy up the esc connection and also has the ability to have leds or other accessories connected via a switched connection. The board has 2 switched circuits - on..
AUD $3.31
Model: PDB with 12v and 5v Bec and switched led port
New and improved version without daughter boards - much higher quality.   12v bec & 5v bec  as well as a switched port of led's or fpv gear. Use it on your 4s setups and power your fpv or other 12v gear from the 12v port Same size as Naze32 / flip32 / cc3d  Easy stacki..
AUD $6.60
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