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Fpv Cameras

Brand: Foxeer Model: Foxeer Falkor 2 FPV Camera
Sensor TypeSony 1/3" CMOS SensorScale4:3/16:9 SwitchableTv SystemPAL/NTSC SwitchableResolution1200TVLFOV4:3 1.8mm: FOV-H: 135° FOV-D:160°4:3 2.1mm: FOV-H: 125° FOV-D:150°16:9 1.8mm: FOV-H: 135° FOV-D:150°16:9 2.1mm: FOV-H: 125° FOV-D:145°Shutter SpeedPAL 1/25~1/10000 sec; NTSC 1/30~1/10000 secVideo ..
Brand: Foxeer Model: Foxeer Nano Toothless 2
Starlight is Fluro Green - Standard is Black casingSensor TypeSony 1/2" CMOS SensorScale4:3/16:9 SwitchableTv SystemPAL/NTSC SwitchableResolution1200TVLFOVStarLight 4:3 FOV-H: 115° FOV-D:145°StarLight 16:9 FOV-H: 115° FOV-D:130°Standard 4:3 FOV-H: 130° FOV-D:160°Standard 16:9 FOV-H: 130° FOV-D:145°S..
Brand: Caddx Model: CADDX KANGAROO FPV Camera - Black 12M 7G Glass Lens
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Brand: Runcam Model: RunCam Racer 3
RunCam Racer 3Cleaner image and wider FOV, optimized for professional FPV pilots.Crystal Clean Image 160° Wider FOV* Super WDR 6ms latency* FOV 160° with 1.8mm lensCompletely new crystal clean image.Compared to the previous generation cameras,the Moiré interference(noise) is significa..
Brand: Runcam Model: RunCam Phoenix 2 Nano
RunCam Phoenix 2 NanoDay & Night ƒ/2.0 big aperture freestyle camera, Nano version.· 1/2'' big image sensor· ƒ/2.0 big aperture· Excellent low light performance· Less digital image shimmerRich but natural color.With the same CPU and 1/2'' high-performance image sensor as the ..
Brand: Ethix Model: ETHiX Camera
Introducing the perfect storm analog camera for all of your fpv needs. This camera setup incorporates an extremely low latency CCD sensor paired with a GoPro style 2.5mm lens (Mr. Steele’s preferred combo) The light weight “micro” 19mm sized case is easily adaptable to the widely used “mini” 22..
Brand: BetaFpv Model: BetaFpv C01 Pro FPV Micro Camera
The C01 Pro Micro Camera is a rare FPV camera currently on the market, which adapted a 1/3'' CMOS sensor and a 2.1mm lens for 1200TVL resolution and excellent latency while minimizing the weight to 1.96g. Designed specifically for those weight-sensitive drones, such as Brushed & Brushless W..
Brand: Runcam Model: RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2 (2.1mm)
RunCamMicro Swift 3 V2Classic CCD Camera, New appearance, new feature.Vivid Scene SettingJoystick Control / UART Control SwitchableHow to switch?The top left corner of the screen will shortly display the current control mode.The default is Joystick control mode.Short the two camera control pinsThen ..
Brand: Caddx Model: Caddx Baby turtle - HD FPV Camera - Black
Brand: Caddx Model: CADDX KANGAROO FPV Camera - Black 2.1mm Lens
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Brand: DJI Model: DJI FPV Camera
A single-camera module, which has a quick-release design for convenient replacement. The FPV camera does not come with a back cover or coaxial cables installed.HighlightsA single-camera modular with a quick-release design, making replacement easier and cost-efficient for users.TipsTo prevent an ESD ..
Brand: DJI Model: DJI FPV Air Unit
The FPV Air Unit features an ultra-low-latency high-definition digital image transmission, 1080p/60fps video recording, and eight frequency channels, allowing eight pilots to fly simultaneously.TipsThe air unit may become hot during or after operation.DO NOT touch the air unit before it cools down.D..
Brand: DJI Model: DJI FPV Experience Combo
Buy your Digital FPV System from the Fpv Experts - we can help you with the matching products to get you in the air.Goggles and 2 x Air units - use your existing Control link...
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