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ZMR based frames

Model: ZMR PDB Diatone 12v * 5v reg
The new and improved diatone pdb for the ZMR - this one has larger hole spacing to fit most of the after market ZMR / QAV 250 frames for sale to date. The new v 2.1 also has esc signal traces for neater wiring. Led strips in 4 colours - White, Red, Blue and Green..
AUD $14.16
Model: ZMR PDB Deluxe Edition
ZMR Deluxe Edition   Bec's Require soldering  We suggest you solder the 5v Bec via wires to give it more flex at the centre of the board in an impact.   Features: 4 layer PDB Support for Micro Minim OSD via socket install - can be removed in seconds ALL OSD features supported vi..
AUD $20.00
Model: ZMR PDB Basic Edition
Pdb for use with the ZMR 250 or ZMR type frame integrated PCB board for ease of wiring up your esc's flight controller and Fpv gear. Designed for use with the Naze or lazybee flight controllers with verticle pins soldered under the board - the kit comes with header pins so that your naze can be plug..
AUD $10.67
Model: ZMR PDB Advanced Edition
  Features: 4 layer PDB Support socket install of Naze32 / CC3D / Lazybee32 (other flight controllers supported - just not using socket) All Naze32 pins are broken out for easy connection -  vbatt, telemetry, buzzer Easy VTX and camera install Built in buzzer  led system Power filt..
AUD $16.01
Brand: Beerotor Model: BeeRotor 250/ZMR250 Replacement PDB w/Full LED
Full PDB w/LED ?Support microOSD and MiniOSD connect Support RSSI Also fits the ZMR 250 and also works with the Killer bee arms..
AUD $17.32
Brand: Beerotor Model: BeeRotor 250/ZMR250 Replacement Carbon Fiber Arm 3.0mm(2pcs/bag)
3mm Arms to suit Beerotor 250 / Zmr 250..
AUD $9.32
Model: 4mm Killer Bee Arms (ZMR Compatible) 4 PC
  New Version that also includes a rapstrap socket to hold the new style slim esc's  Free replacment arms on next order if you break them in a crash and send me a pic of the carnage. 4mm Carbon fiber arms for your Zmr Frame - Very Strong great quality carbon 4mm thick - Use up to ..
AUD $29.34
Brand: Beerotor Model: BeeRotor 210 Replacement Carbon Fiber Arm (2pcs/bag)
BeeRotor 210 Replacement Carbon Fiber Arm (2pcs/bag)..
AUD $9.33
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