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Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV 70mm 5G8 U.FL Linear Antenna
This is a very light weight high performance linear antenna with IPX / U.FL connector compatible with the TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV or Immersionrc Tramp HV VTX. Also can be used on a lightweight caddx vista buildSpecications: Weight: 0.6 gramsLength: approximately 76mm Width: 1.1mmConnecto..
AUD $7.64
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV - RACEPIT HD Flight Controller
AUD $61.65
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV - Smart Power Case for DJI Goggles
AUD $61.65
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: High-Quality Silicone Wires for F-35
F-35 Lightning Wire Harness: - Silicone wire (AWG 28) - 9 Harness/set Length and Connector: + Camera: 220mm - JST GH 4pins 1.25 to MOLEX 3pins 1.25 + MOLEX 2 pins 1.25 + VTX: 400mm - JST GH 4pins 1.25 to JST GH 6pins 1.25 + RX Frsky: 400mm - JST GH 4pins 1.25 to Molex 1.25 5pin ..
AUD $15.67
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV 72mm Pigtail MMCX 90 Degree to SMA cable
AUD $5.56
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV - Smart Cable V2 Fatshark Goggle Power
Furious FPV Smart Cable V2 - Power Re-Imagined. Don't void you fatshark warranty doing a power and fan mod - just use this ! Powering your FPV goggles, ground station and other FPV systems, the Furious FPV Smart Cable unlocks new potential, with massive levels of convenience & capability whe..
AUD $42.42
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: Achilles Diversity Module for Fatshark
Finally the best firmware for Fatshark modules is pre installed and with OSD - no taking off your goggles to view channel or change settings!!!! Manual True-D Achilles  ..
AUD $106.12
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV F-35 Lightning Flight controller + OSD + Current Sens
Furious FPV F-35 Lightning FC - Elevate Your Horizons. Step into the all new F-35 Lightning FC - Furious FPV's 1st dedicated wing flight controller, ready and waiting to open all new worlds to winged FPV. Encompassed by a robust case for maximum levels of protection and strength, the F-35 FC o..
AUD $105.16
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV BigMac Antenna U.FL - RHCP (2 pieces)
AUD $40.40
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: FuriousFPV BigMac Antenna SMA - RHCP (2 pieces)
Furious FPV BigMac Antenna - Big Performance, Micro In Size.   Step up to the all new Furious FPV BigMac Antenna system - the ultimate light weight, high performance antenna with various types of connection such as MMCX Straight, U.FL and SMA. Light in weight and ultra compact, the Big..
AUD $40.40
Brand: FuriousFpv Model: RADIANCE Flight Controller - Light Up The Skies
Furious FPV Radiance - Light Up The Skies. Providing stand alone integration, the Furious FPV Radiance is flight controller perfection, providing a blaze of feature packed brilliance that equates to the perfect fit for aircraft utilizing their own PDB. functionality is the key, but innovation ..
AUD $39.94
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