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Brand: GEPRC Model: GEP-CL35 Frame
Summary:The CineLog35 Frame developed by CEPRC for mounting GoPro camera is now officially released.CL35 is improved and developed on the basis of CL30. It supports the installation of mainstream AIO FC with 26.5mm x 26.5mm holes. The VTX installation hole is 20mm x 20mm, which can be directly insta..
AUD $76.33
Brand: GEPRC Model: CineLog35 Analog
Summary:The CineLog35 HD developed by GEPRC specifically for mounting complete GoPro HD camera is now officially released, There are two versions are currently available: HD VISTA Nebula Pro and Analog.CineLog35 is improved and developed on the basis of CineLog30. Integrated protection guard design,..
AUD $499.02
Brand: GEPRC Model: Cinelog35 HD
Introduction:The CineLog35 HD developed by GEPRC specifically for GoPro HD camera mounting completely is now officially released, There are two versions currently available: HD VISTA Nebula ..
AUD $639.10
Brand: GEPRC Model: GEPRC Mark 1
Specifications: Name:GEP-Mark 1 Weight:102g Wheelbase:210mm Arms:4mm Top Plate:3mm Includes an XT60 PDB  ..
AUD $67.75
Brand: GEPRC Model: GEP-LX5 v4 Leopard True X 5
The leopard, natural predators, running at a staggering rate This is the GEP-LX, also called ‘Leopard’, There are three kinds of specifications respectively. 4inch(wheelbase 195mm), 5inch(wheelbase 220mm), 6inch(wheelbase 255mm). The fuselage low center of gravity design. The machine use 3..
AUD $75.84
Brand: GEPRC Model: GEP-LSX5 Leopard Streatch X 5"
​Specifications: Name:GEP-LSX5 Weight:114g Wheelbase:230mm Props Size: 5inch Size:178*222mm Arms: 4mm Side plates: 2mm Stretched x Frame - 7075 Aluminum frame parts     ..
AUD $75.84
Brand: GEPRC Model: GEP - IX5 Fairy
Solid frame with pod protection for your camera and electronics 200mm size in a true x configuration Separate arms for easier repairs in the event of a major crash Includes a power distribution board with 12v and 5v bec also includes rear led board anti skid rubber also included for battery an..
AUD $59.66
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