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Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: 7MM HOT MELT GLUE STICKS (10PCS)
5 sticks of black glue and 5 sticks of clear7mm diameter19cm in length..
Model: Filiment Tape / Fiber tape 12mm
2 way hatched fiber tape 12mm x 45m - Clear Great for Modeling or packaging Two-Way Filament Tape has fibreglass fibres running down the length as well as across the tape. Filament tape is a strong pressure-sensitive tape used for several packaging functions Two- Way fibreglass strands en..
Model: 2 Part Epoxy
4-6 Minute A/B Epoxy Glue. A very high quality clear setting epoxy glue. Excellent gap filling and bonding properties on almost all surfaces including delicate foam and hard to bond alloy. An essential item for any building project and perfect for emergency in-field repairs! Net weight: 28.4g..
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