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Description:This crimp tool for uninsulated connectors is ideal for crimping Balance, Servo and JST connectors and other small connectors in the RC range.setting for 24-30AWG & 18-22 AWG..
Brand: MiniWare Model: ES121 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Motion Control Kit
The popular ES120 was upgraded to the ES121 and equipped with 1:64 reduction gear motor ensure faster rotation speed up to 380 RPM load-free. Built with a slim 304 stainless steel housing with pen shape design, powered by a 300mAh lipo battery with 30 minutes working time continuously at full load.I..
Brand: Spedix Model: Spedix Quad Wrench w / One-way Bearings
With one way bearing, there is no more hassle come to you and will save time and efforts when you tighten or loose the M5 self lock motor nut. All you need to do is to keep tightening till it’s done. Moreover, lengthen socket will protect your fingers against the nut or sharp edge of the prop...
Brand: MiniWare Model: ES120 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Motion Control Kit
Features:  ES120 Mini Electric Screwdriver has set a new standard for electric screwdrivers. It is an electric screwdriver with a compact structure,  smart and exquisite appearance, as well as the function of motion control recognition. It has only the length of a Parke..
Brand: BUZZ Model: BUZZ BITS 4 PCS Hex Driver Set - Buzz Logo
These Hex drivers will make a great addition to your toolkit - All the popular sizes we use on Quads 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm Titanium plated in the Buzz themed colours.  ..
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS SEXY DRIVER KIT
Carefully crafted hand tools selected by TBS for all your modifications and repairs.  Heat treated for extra hardness. Anodized black because black is the only color we consider - ever.  Branded for INSANE sexyness (Thats how she spelt it). INCLUDES: 1 x M2.0 Philips Head Screwdriv..
Brand: Rotor Riot Model: Rotor Riot Kwad Toolset
A set of sleek Rotor Riot branded tools with just the sizes you need for your kwads! Perfect option if you're just getting into kwads and need to get proper tools. Toss those crappy L-shaped allen keys and get these sexy drivers instead! INCLUDES 1.5 mm Rotor Riot Hex Driver 2.0 mm Rotor..
Model: Pliers C-Clip (0.8mm)
Having trouble with doing repairs to your motors.  These are the same pliers used by the motor factories fit c clips.  Warning : Please wear safety glasses - clips have a tendency to fly at incredible speed in any direction.  They can and do cause eye injuries including blindness.&..
Model: Multifunctional Aluminum Alloy Shock Shaft Pliers Wrench
Specification:   Item :Shock Shaft Pliers Material: Aluminum alloy Weight : 98.9g without package   Description:   It can hold shock shafts firmly  It can measure screw sizes  It can  fix the plugs when soldering  It ..
Brand: Armattan Model: Armattan Hex Drivers
The Armattan hand tools are quite small. They make for a great addition to your field tool box or your work bench. As usual, we went out of our comfort zone to bring you these tools. A long trek took us to the highest city on earth. La Rinconada, in Peru, sits three miles above sea level. The A..
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