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Model: Soldering Iron 30watt 12v / 3s XT60 plug
  Operating on 12VDC, this soldering iron can be powered by any standard 3S lipoly battery. It comes pre-fitted with an XT60 plug allowing you to easily connect to your Turnigy/Zippy lipoly battery.  Everyone has a 3S 2200mAh battery in their field box, so you'll always..
Model: 6 Arm Soldering Holder
Specifications: 6 flexible arms each with a large swiveling alligator clip. 6+1 pockets in beautifully base to hold loose components. Integrates perfectly with Panavise vises and base mounts. Maxweight: 2500g Alligator clip(L): 44mm (large size) Alligator clips maximum thickness limit..
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