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iFlight Ultra Lite 5 inch Y-Lite FPV Racing Frame

iFlight Ultra Lite 5 inch X-Lite Y-Lite FPV Racing Frame
Choose between the Y top plate or the X top plate


- Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
- Full frame kit as light as 54.5g
- Multiple build configurations, 3-4-5 inch arms are compatible.
- Pure X design,210mm motor to motor.
- Antenna holes fixture on upper plate
- Sandwich arms configuration without increasing weight

X-Lite Y-Lite X5 Specs:

- Weight 54.5 grams
- 210mm motor to motor ( Pure X Layout )
- 2mm bottom plate
- 4mm arms
- 2mm top and side plates
- 25mm standoffs
- 30.5x30.5mm and 20x20mm FC mounting

Package Included:

1x X-Lite (or Y-Lite 5 inch arms) Ultra Light Racing Frame
4x 4mm carbon fiber arm 5" 
1x 2mm X-Lite(or Y-Lite 5") Bottom Plate 
1x 2mm X-Lite(or Y-Lite 5") upper plate
1x 2mm X-Lite(or Y-Lite 5") Top Plates
1x Set of aluminum hardware

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