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ImmersionRC Tramp 2-6S HV (INT Version) U.FL

The Tramp Video Transmitter (VTX), made by Immersion RC, has become an industry favorite alongside the Mach 3 VTX. This is because the Tramp HV VTX is reliable, precise, small, and durable. It has pit mode, 25mw, 200mw, 350mw, and 600mw power options. It is small, at only 31mm x 20mm and lightweight, at only 4 grams. It is powered directly off your battery (up to 6S), eliminating the need for an additional component needed to power the video transmitter. Even though it receives battery power, it feeds clean 5v power to your camera.

TrampHV Manual (403.8 KB)


  • 40 channels
  • 2-6S direct power input
  • 31mm x 20mm, 4 grams
  • Clean, calibrated power: pit mode, 25mw, 200mw, 350mw, and 600 mw power options

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