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BeeWire Lite (5-Pack)

BeeWire Lite is the perfect solution for adding LED's to your racing or freestyle drone which helps prevent mid-airs during racing, while at the same time providing a simple and easy solution for swapping motors in the field with as little down time as possible.

BeeWire is made from a durable and thick 1.7mm PCB board, making your quad safe against prop strikes that would otherwise cut motor wires while merely scraping the surface of the BeeWire board.

BeeWire changes it's brightness based on how fast your motors are spinning. The faster you fly, the brighter your L.E.D.'s become!

You can customize the color of your RGB L.E.D.'s thanks to the 3 pads on the board and choose between Green/Blue/Red/Purple/Cyan/Yellow/White! Simply bridge the pads to the corresponding colors to achieve the color of your choice.

Super-Stick pads! We also include 5 Super-Stick pads that give a layer of isolation from your carbon arm, and provide a super sticky pad that will hold onto the arm. You can also wash these pads once they get dirty! Simply rinse in clean water with soap, rinse again and let air dry and they are back to the original stickiness! 



  • Dimensions: 25 x 8 mm
  • Voltage: 3-6s
  • Weight: 1.2g


  • 5x BeeWire Lite
  • 5x Super-Stick Pads

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