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Gemfan 5125 3-Blade Propellers 5mm/1.5mm Shaft

The Gemfan 5125 props is the lightest 3-blad props at the market. It is great option for ultralite frames with T-mount motors like TWIG ET5 5‘’ Toothpick Quad. More responsive and very well managed throttle control. The best thing about this prop's hub design is that it can also be used with conventional 5mm motor shafts like 1506 Motors. Packed with the T-mount hub insert adapters for 1.5mm center hole, so it can also use it on 1404 Motorsand 1505 Motors.


    • Item: 5125 3-Blade Propellers
    • Blades: 3
    • Material: PC
    • Prop Disk Diameter: 127mm
    • Shaft Hole: 5mm and 1.5mm T-mount with the optional included insert
    • Weight: 2.8g / 3.0g(with adapter)
    • Recommended Motor: 1506 Motors1404 Motors / 1505 Motors
    • Color: Blue/ Clear Gray/ Clear Pink/ Green/ Yellow


        • 2 * 5125 2-Blade Propellers CW
        • 2 * 5125 2-Blade Propellers CCW
        • 4 * T-mount Hub Insert Adapter for 1.5mm Center Hole
        • 8 * M2 * 7 Screws

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