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Albatross 5.8GHz 50mm LHCP/RP-SMA FPV Antenna


Durable 5.8G antenna for Analog or Digital FPV.

The perfect upgrade part for your DJI Air Unit to avoid buying fragile stock antennas again and again... 

Use RP-SMA LHCP (Left Hand Polarization) for DJI Digital FPV! Default antennas are LHCP and Goggle Antennas are LHCP, both sides need to match! 


Model: Albatross 5.8GHz RP-SMA LHCP FPV Antenna

Frequency range: 5000-6000MHz 

Gain: 3dbi

Axial Ratio: 0.7


Weight: 10.9g

Dimension: 16*150mm

Interface: LHCP rp_sma

Polarization: LHCP

SWR: 1.5 (ON 5.8GHz)

Color: Black

Package included:

1pc x Albatross 5.8GHz 150mm Antenna

NOTE: Price per antenna

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