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Use this frame in 1.5mm or 2mm with the 1S 3” drivetrain for a super fun and safe 46-55g AUW quad that will knock your socks off!  The same pattern is offered in 3mm for the 3S TP3 drivetrain if you prefer a Unibody. It’s impressively stiff and confidence inspiring in 3mm and only 8.3g.  You should be aware that the 1.5mm version is not as strong as the 2mm version but it is about 1.1g lighter.

This design is called the ‘BabyTooth’ not because it’s smaller than the TP3, but because it supports 1S better and is simpler than the TP3. After some heavy refinement, this is the final pattern we landed on. The TP3 Uni is the legacy version of this frame that has been discontinued.

This frame is cut by Amaxinno in their T700 carbon but It does not have a chamfer on it. This frame is supposed to be a high value item with the bulk of it's design time time and energy invested into optimizing performance, weight and durability. Customizing the frame with your own hand done sanding on the edges is up to you.


  • 115mm diagonal for 3” props
  • T700 carbon
  • 1.5mm thick ~4.2g (carbon only)
  • 2mm thick 5.3g (carbon only)
  • 3mm thick 8.3g (carbon only)
  • Motor protection bumper
  • FC Mounting: 25.4x25.4mm M2 (Whoop mount)
  • FC Mounting: 16x16 M2 also on there

1S 3” Drivetrain:

TP3 recommended FPV setup:



Settings for recommended 1S drivetrain:
STRONGLY recommend sticking to BetaFlight 3.5.5, 3.5.6 or 3.5.7
Reverse prop direction
6.3% idle
Airmode: On
Antigravity: On
Dynamic Filter: On
4.4v max voltage, 3.3 warning voltage, 3.1 land voltage

PIDs and filters:
Roll: 150, 55, 85
Pitch: 150, 65, 90
Yaw: 110, 90
All Feed Forward to 0
Feed Forward transition 0
Throttle boost 4 or 5 (Bob likes 4)
Absolute control 0
I term rotation
Vbat compensation
Anti Gravity smooth 5

Pitch: 0.99, 0.64, 0.00
Roll: 0.99, 0.64, 0.00
Yaw:0.99, 0.64, 0.00
TPA 0.60, Breakpoint 1500

Turn on ALL filters
Turn on ALL filters
Turn on ALL filters
Leave them on default, just turn them on

If setting is not listed, default settings are implied

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