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Beeceiver Flysky Compatible Micro Receiver

After creating one of the best micro receivers on the market, we went back to the lab and improved the range by almost double! By using diversity antennas (The world's smallest diversity Flysky compatible receivers)not only are you getting better range, but your getting a more reliable signal in tougher RF environments. We also made it smaller and lighter making it an even better choice for current micro brushed and brushless whoops. 

Binding Instructions:

  1. Power on receiver
  2. Push bind button once - (LED will blink red/blue)
  3. Bind to Radio - Done!


  • Ultra mini size and lightweight
  • Sbus signal output
  • Solder onboard Micro Antenna


  • Dimension: 13mm*11.5mm (L*W)
  • Weight: 0.51g
  • Compatible Protocols: Flysky
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3~10V


  • BeeCeiver Flysky
  • Silicone Wires
  • Heat shrink

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