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Flywoo M3 hardware pack meet all fpv building


Hardware Pack is your all-in-one screw solution for all your building needs. 

This is an M3 hardware pack, maybe you also need an M2  see related items below


  • 20pcs-- M3*8 Rubber Damping Balls
  • 2pcs--  35*470UF  Capacitor     
  • 2pcs-- 25*220UF  Capacitor   
  • 20pcs-- M3 1mm Nylon Gasket
  • 20pcs-- M3 Rubber Damping Ring
  • 20pcs-- M3 Press Nut   
  • 30pcs-- M3 Nylon hex lock nut
  • 10pcs-- M5 Motor Nut                
  • 20pcs-- M3*4,5mm Rubber  Damping Balls  
  • 4pcs-- XT60 Connector-Male 
  • 60pcs-- M3*5 Cup Head Screw
  • 60pcs-- M3*6 Round Head Screw
  • 50pcs-- M3*8 Round Head Screw
  • 40pcs-- M3*10 Round Head Screw
  • 40pcs-- M3*12 Round Head Screw
  • 30pcs-- M3*14 Cup Head Screw
  • 30pcs-- M3*16 Round Head Screw

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