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Happymodel ExpressLRS ES900RX Receiver Module


  • Compatible with OpenTX remote controllers, including the Radiomaster TX16S and Jumper T12, T16, and T18.
  • Helps transmitter to operate with stability under high power conditions.
  • ExpressLRS open-source software.
  • Ultra Long Range
  • Low Latency



  • RF Frequency: optional 915mhz or 686mHz (EU)
  • Weight: 0.60 gram (excluding antenna)
  • Telemetry output Power: <17dBm
  • Operation current: ~100Ma
  • Antenna connector: IPEX1
  • Rx To FC protocol: CRSF
  • Dimension: 12x12x3mm
  • VCC input: 5v

Binding procedure:

  1. Supply power to the ES900RX, wait until the red LED on the ES900RX is off, immediately turn off the power, and then repeat again the above steps. When the ES900RX is powered on for the third time, the red LED light will start to double flash quickly, which means that the ES900RX enters the binding mode.
  2. Insert the ES900TX module to the Radio transmitter, and choose External RF mode to CRSF protocol, then you can find the ELRS menu from the Radio systems.
  3. Enter into ELRS, and press [Bind], the Red LED on the ES900RX module will turn off and then begin blinking slowly and finally become solid when the module binds successfully.

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