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Jumper R8 16CH RC Receiver

Jumper R8 16CH RC Receiver Compatible T16 FrSky D16 D8 Mode Support PIX PX4 APM Flight Controller PWM SBUS Output

The R8 receiver is the first receiver that can directly transmit the PIX and PX4 flight control data (TX, RX) to the remote control of the world, and can display the flight control data to the remote control through the APM script! 
Since then, don’t have to install additional converters for getting data back from PIX, PX4.

Item name: Jumper R8 Receiver
Number of channels: 8ch (PWM) / 16ch (SBUS)
RSSI (Signal Strength Indication) output: PWM
Operating voltage range: 4.0~8.4V
Operating current range: 100mA@5V
Effective distance: full distance (>2.0km)
Weight: 10g
Compatibility: FrSky D8 D16 mode
- More channels: 1-8 channels from traditional channel output, 1-16 channels from SBUS port
- RSSI output: analog voltage output (03.3V)
- Two-way full duplex transmission (Telemetry)
With RSSI output: analog voltage output (03.3V)
Pair code method:
1. Press the bind button on the receiver, red/green LED solid on
2. On radio side, select Frsky D16 protocol (T12/T16: Multi Frsky D16);
3.When Red LED is flashing, binding succeeded.
4. After binding, withdraw the binding mode and power up the receiver again.  Green Led turns solid on.
 LED color description.
(The green light is always on: the signal is good; the green light is blinking: the signal is bad; the red light is always on: the signal is lost)

Package Included:
1 x R8 Receiver

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