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Kraken 3 frame


Note: This is the international version that ships with 2 pods but no LDO reg.

The Kraken 3 is a ultra light weight and tough quad which leverages on the race wining design features of its big brother.  The Kraken frames were created in collaboration with our top team pilots with the goal of producing an ultra competitive race winning performance.  

Unlike almost 3in frames, the K3 features true symmetrical X design with superb flight characteristics and outstanding maneuverability.  Coupled with our unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod the Kraken 3 delivers a racing pedigree that is hard to match for speed, handling, weight and strength.

Key features include:

unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod
3mm thick carbon fiber arms
not a unibody, it has replaceable arms
not a K frame, true symmetrical X design
fits full size FPV equipment including HS1177 camera

The frame build is quite simple when compared to other 3in frames. This reflects the unique pod design, custom pdb and integrated camera mount. This keeps your FC stack low with ample space for your electronics. 

Typical frame weight is 35grams with build weights of approx 250 grams with 1407 motors.  

The kit comprises of :
Kraken 3X Arms - 5pcs
Kraken 3 Bottom Plate - 1.5mm CF - 1pc
Kraken 3 PDB - 1.2mm Custom PDB - 1pc

Kraken Hardware Pack - 1 pack
Kraken PC Pod - 1.0mm - 1pc
Kraken PC Pod - 1.5mm - 1pc (spare)
Kraken HS1177 Cam Bracket Kit - 1 pack
Kraken Battery Pad
Kraken PDB FC Inset Nuts - 5pcs 

More Information:

For information on building your Kraken see link here

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