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Kraken 6 GT Arm


Replacement arm for the Kraken 6 GT.  The Kraken 6 GT feature replaceable arms made from a carbon fiber foam sandwich that provides greater tensile strength to weight ratio compared to solid CF arms. These 5mm arms are stronger yet  lighter than equivalent 4mm thick arms.

The arms are fully compatible with all K3, K4 and K5 and K7 frames.  As the arms are 5mm thick, longer motor mount and frame screws may be required when converting existing frames.

Mount holes suite all 220X size motors that take a 19x16mm mount pattern.

Contains one arm.


  • Arms are typically 4.8mm thick
  • Composite sandwich arms are subject to more damage than solid arms from an edge impact with solid objects including metal and concrete structures.

Contains one (1) arm.

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