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Micro Titan V2 2204 Motor 2300KV

Micro Titan V2 2204 Motor 2300KV
Micro Titan V2 2204 Motor 2300KV
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  • Model: Micro Titan V2 2204 Motor 2300KV
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AUD $12.35

Smooth as you can get.Version 2 now carrying the Buzz Logo

These Micro titan motors are great very well balancced and precision machined motors that are one of the best value for money motors out at the moment.
They also support the flat style carbon fiber props tmotor style or your regular hub props. 5" to 7" if you dare

Thick semi hollow shaft for good stiffness while remaining lightweight
Interchangeable propeller adapter for both traditional propeller and thin CF propeller
Flat motor base eliminate the need of shaft hole on any motor mount
Heavy duty to take a crash and keep going
Bearings are 5x9x3 (MR95ZZ). 
490g of thrust with HQ 5x4 at 10.5A / 130W !  
Bolt on style prop - 2 styles  spinner and 2 blade CF adapter included
Shalf: M5
Bottom mounting Holes : 16mm*19mm 3m

Use a washer on thin arms to ensure the screws don't touch the motors windings.

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