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Brand: MiniWare Model: ES121 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Motion Control Kit
The popular ES120 was upgraded to the ES121 and equipped with 1:64 reduction gear motor ensure faster rotation speed up to 380 RPM load-free. Built with a slim 304 stainless steel housing with pen shape design, powered by a 300mAh lipo battery with 30 minutes working time continuously at full load.I..
Brand: MiniWare Model: ES120 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Motion Control Kit
Features:  ES120 Mini Electric Screwdriver has set a new standard for electric screwdrivers. It is an electric screwdriver with a compact structure,  smart and exquisite appearance, as well as the function of motion control recognition. It has only the length of a Parke..
Brand: MiniWare Model: TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Interface Mini Soldering Iron
The TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron is an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. It has comfortable handle and the highly effective heating function makes it an indispensable tools for any hobbyist. It is made from high qua..
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