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R-X8R X8R with Redundancy

Brand Name: Frsky
Item Name: RX8R
Band: 2.4GHz ACCST
Channel: 16CH (1-8ch from conventional channel output, 1-16ch from SBUS port, or combine two RX8R to become a 16 channels receivers)
Dimension: 46.25×26.6×14.2mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 12.1g
With RSSI Output on Board: Analog 0-3.3V
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0-10V
Operating Current: 100mA@5V
Operating Range: Full range (>1.5km)
Firmware Upgradeable
Compatibility: FrSky radios/transmitter modules in D8/D16 mode

Parallel two RX8R to become a 16 channel receiver
Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission
Supports redundant transmission of two Tx modules in parallel (Sbus input: the signal from the slave receiver(Sbus receiver) for backup)
The Redundancy Function:
For the master and slave receivers, when the master receiver goes into failsafe, the output signal from the slave receiver will be used until the master receiver works again.
When both the master and slave receivers go into failsafe, the failsafe signal from the master receiver will be output;
The slave receiver should be in no telemetry mode.

English Manual, Click Here

Package Included:
1x Frsky RX8R receiver

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