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Brand: BetaFpv Model: Betafpv ELRS Nano TX Module 2.4GHz
BETAFPV Nano RF TX module is based on the ExpressLRS project, an open-source RC link for RC applications. ExpressLRS aims to achieve the best possible link performance in both speeds, latency, and range. This makes ExpressLRS one of the fastest RC links available while still offering long-range perf..
AUD $61.59
Brand: RadioMaster Model: AG01 Full set
This Radiomaster AG01 Full CNC Hall Gimbal was designed and tested for over a year. The AG01 is fully CNC milled for ultimate precision with quad ball bearings for a smooth and precise feel. Featuring front-accessible tension and travel adjustment for easy fine-tuning. The AG01 will take your T..
AUD $198.00
Brand: HappyModel Model: Fan ExpressLRS
Cooling FanSize: 20mmx20mmx6mmWorking voltage: DC 5VWorking current: <80ma @DC5VSpeed: 1300RPMPlug: SH 1.0 2pinHydraulic bearings, quiet during operationCooling Fan for Happymodel ExpressLRS TX module ES24TX ES24TXPRO ES900TX..
AUD $8.69
Brand: RadioMaster Model: RadioMaster T8 Lite V2
RadioMaster T8 Lite V2 Radio Transmitter RC Drone 8CH CC2500 Protocol Mode 2Description:Brand Name: RadioMasterItem Name: T8 Lite V2 TransmitterModel: T8 Lite V2Mode: Mode1/Mode2Size: 160*130*45mmWeight: 218gFrequency: 2.400GHZ-2.480GHZRF Module: CC2500Protocol Options: D8/D16 V1Transmission power:&..
AUD $64.96
Brand: HappyModel Model: Tango2 Power adapter
Since the TBS Tango2 radio is powered by 1S, when an external TX module such as ES24TX Slim Pro needs to run at 1000mw, the original circuit structure cannot maintain normal operation or even turn on. So we designed this power adapter. This set of power adapter consists of two parts, one of which is..
AUD $9.96
Brand: HappyModel Model: ELRS JR Bay Module
New Version Happymodel ExpressLRS ELRS JR Bay Module Mounting Case with Cooling Fan Compatible ES24TX/ES24TX PRO/ES900TX/ES915TX TX ModuleSpecifications:Brand Name: HappymodelItem Name: Module Mounting CaseMaterials: ABSColor: BlackStandard JR Bay dimensionWeight: 20gCompatible with Happymodel ES24T..
AUD $12.75
Brand: HappyModel Model: HappyModel ES24TX Pro
The ES24TX Pro Micro ExpressLRS TX module is a upgrade version of ES24TX module.Max output up to 1000mw, reserved Cooling Fan and RGB LED module. This Micro TX module support most of the OpenTX radio transmitter that with Micro JR bay. And this time the ES24TX Pro module comes completely assembled b..
AUD $69.95
Brand: RadioMaster Model: TX16s LED Gimbal light
RadioMaster - Gimbal LED Mod kit.This is the official RadioMaster gimbal LED mod set. No soldering required, easy plug and play install that will not void your warranty...
AUD $18.14
Brand: HappyModel Model: Happymodel Moxon 2.4GHz Antenna
Happymodel Moxon 2.4GHz Antenna for ExpressLRS TX Module SMA Plug for ES24TX Series TXSpecification:Frequency (MHz):2400.0Efficiency (dBi):-2.94Gain (dBi):4.18Efficiency (%):50.77Directivity (dB):7.12Peak Gain Position (Theta):0.00Peak Gain Position (Phi):270.00Weight(gram): 5.83Length(mm)*width(mm)..
AUD $12.71
Brand: HappyModel Model: Happymodel 2.4g ELR ES24TX Slim Pro
Happymodel 2.4g ExpressLRS ELR ES24TX Slim Pro TX module for X-lite Tango2NEW BATCH - Telemetry working !This Slim Pro TX module is designed by Happymodel and based on the open source- ExpressLRS which is a very popular low latency and high packet rate RF module for RC Airplane and FPV Racing drone...
AUD $72.49
Brand: Flysky Model: Flysky FS SM100 RC USB Simulator Cable
Flysky FS-SM100 RC USB Flight Simulator Support USB hid 1.1 specification Input signal: PPM Cable length: 1.5m can for:FS-I10/FS-I6/FS-I4/FS-TH9X/FS-T6/FS-CT6B/FS-T4B/FS-GT3C/FS-GT3/GT2E/GT2F/GT2G/GT2/GT3B.....
AUD $16.78
A CLASS ON ITS OWNTeam BlackSheep has redefined the portable remote control with the TBS Tango 2. Now we're back with one of the most popular requests: a compact full-size remote! The TBS Mambo follows in the footsteps, but focuses on all of the things the Tango 2 tries not to have: a larger screen,..
AUD $219.90
Brand: Flysky Model: Flysky FS-i6X 10CH 2.4GHz
Offering superior protection against interference while maintaining lower power consumption and high reliable receiver sensitivity.Bidirectional Communication Capable of sending and receiving data, each transmitter is capable of receiving data from temperature, altitude and many other types of senso..
AUD $95.00
Brand: HappyModel Model: HappyModel ExpressLRS module kit
New ES900TX module coming with a 2006 Fan, it would working automatically when the TX power is 250mw.the case is injection moulded that is included - also the receivers have been updated from the dev's feedback !even better than what's in the videoSource on GitHub:
AUD $89.62
Brand: HappyModel Model: Happymodel ES24TX-Lite ExpressLRS ELRS 2.4GHz Long Range
Happymodel ES24TX-Lite ExpressLRS ELRS 2.4GHz Long Range Low Latency High Re-flashed Micro TX Module for Jumper T-Lite Radios TransmitterOVERVIEW:Specific Slim 2.4GHz ExpressLRS TX module for Jumper T-lite is coming out now.This Slim TX module is designed by Happymodel and based on the open source- ..
AUD $50.82
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