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Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F40PRO Ⅳ 1950KV Brushless Motor
1950kv has the blue Highlights - see picturesAdd to cart..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor P50A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC
This high-performance ESC matches the original BLHeli_32 firmware, so no need to worry about a high current shock, yet you will get a smooth flying experience like never before! This ESC comes with an integrated 10V/2a BEC, which is great for providing more electronic power for the DJI HD VTX and ot..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F40PRO Ⅳ 2400KV
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Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor Pacer 2208 1750KV Mixed Gold
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Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor MCK v2.0 2306 1950KV
MCK V2.0 2306 1950KVDetail information┊ Specifications┊ Comment(0)Add to cart..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F7 HD Flight controller - For DJI FPV System
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Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F60PRO Ⅳ KV1750
Red Highlights for 1750KVDetail information┊ Specifications┊ Comment(0)Add to cart..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F7 HD & F55A 30x30 Stack/Combo for DJI
The T-Motor F7 & F55A Stack now comes in a version meant specifically for the DJI Digital FPV System! Including a plug for your Air Unit and a 10V 2A BEC to power it. SpecificationsFCInput Voltage: 3-6SGyro: MPU6000Master chip: STM32F722RET6Flash: 16MBBEC: 5V 2A, 10V 2AMounting hole: 30.5x3..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F1507 3800KV Brushless Motor
Less weight, powerful, smooth and strong flight performance! The F1507 2700KV/3800KV Motor by T-Motor is specifically designed to perfectly fit your Cinewhoops!FeaturesMaximum thrust-to-weight ratio up tp 52.8Less weight, powerful, smooth, strong flight performanceTailor-made for CinewhoopsSpecifica..
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F1103 1100KV Brushless Motor
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F1103 8000KV Brushless Motor
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-MOTOR T5146 TRI BLADE PROPELLERS CW/CCW (4 pack)
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Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor BMS Racing Raptor Series 2306.5 2000kv
Developed in collaboration with Thomas Bitmatta (BMSWEB) the BMS Racing Raptor series by T-Motor was made to the highest standards of FPV racing.With two bell sizes to choose from (2306.5 and 2207.5) and each at a different KV, you can pick the perfect motor for your quad...
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor F60 Pro III 2500Kv
The F60 Pro III continues the lineage of great FPV racing motors by T-Motor. The Pro III provides more thrust and increased durability compared its predecessor.Equipped with high-temperature silver-core windings able to withstand up to 240C, the overall stability of the motor has been enhanced...
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-MOTOR T5150
SpecificationsInner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mmUsage: 5.1" or greater frameMaterial: PolycarbonateColor: Clear RedWeight: 5.2gPOPO Compatible: YesIncludes5x T5150-1 CW Propellers5x T5150-1 CCW Propellers..
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