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WS2812 5050 LED Board - Cleanflight / neopixel with Buzzer

now including a buzzer for visual and audable feedback

Add some bling to your copter with these addresable led's

very easy to add to a cleanflight enabled board such as the naze32 or Flip 33
you can program them to react to signals from the controller or react to warnings like low battery / armed or flight modes.

Very bright led's that can even be seen during daylight from a distance.

The boards can be chained to produce long strips or placed around the multirotor for dramatic effect.

These Lights are mounted on a pcb board so you have more mounting options - flexible light strips will be available soon


Built-in 6pcs LED WS2812B & 1pc 5V Buzzer
Input: 5V (4~7V)
Size: 50mm/2? x x10mm/0.4?
Mounting: 30.5mm,  ?3mm
Use for?Naze32?Skyline32?SPRacingF3, etc. with CleanFlight firmware.




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