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Bolt Black Ops V2 Stealth

This is our new Black Ops frame designed to be flown anywhere and take an absolute beating.

Its the freestyle frame of choice for both Webb and Juz. Its also the frame newbies can get started with.

Key features are:

Extensive integrated bumper protection system, top and bottom, front and rear.
Stealth Edition - Lower 25mm profile for strength and better CoG
Innovative structural system and component layout
High quality components inlcuding 7075 aluminium standoffs
Integrated LED system
Integrated XT60 Connector
Low Profile PDB
Integarted 1000uF capacitor
Stainless steel inset arm mount system

Package Contents

Top Plate - 2.0mm
Upper Bottom Plate - 1.5mm
Lower Bottom Plate - 2.0mm
Top Front Bumper - 2.0mm
Top Rear Bumper - 2.0mm
Bottom Front Bumper - 4.0mm
Bottom Rear Bumper - 4.0mm
Die cut neoprene foam rubber battery pad for the top plate
5in Arms - 4mm thick and tapers to 16mm at narrowest point
Rear Vertical PDB
1000uF 35v Capacitor
BOLT 300x25mm Battery Stap

Hardware Kit including

M3x25 7075 Orange Alu Standoffs - 3pcs
M3x25 Rear slotted 6061 standoff - 2pcs

Pad Kit
Small black zip tie (same as other kit) 1.8x100mm - 10pcs
Large black zip tie (same as other kit) 35x350mm - 4pcs
3M double sided tape - 1.2mmx20mmx100mm - 1pc

The frame does not include motor mount screws or washers. Only ships with RED rear LEDs.

Build Comments

As these vertical CF plates are integral to the design, we have kept the tolerances as tight as we can. Accordingly, some sanding of the tabs for the vertical plates may be required to fit into the slots. Please avoid oversanding for a sloppy fit. Always include the vertical plates and bumpers in your build, they are a key structural design feature.

The battery strap MUST go around the entire frame body and not just the top plate. This is a key design feature which clampts the two plates togther with the vertical plates. We recommend the longer BOLT battery straps (30cms) for this reason.

Recommended Components

All electronics, wiring, motors and props are not included and can be purchased separately. Please note that the Stealth version is specifically designed to take a Runcam Micro, Sparrow or Split or the Foxeer Micro Arrow.

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