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Brand: I-Flight Model: ProTek35 CineWhoop Analog - PNP
Plug and play - no receiver included - install your receiver of choice.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAfter our very popular 3inch Cinematic EVA bumper BumbleBee ..
AUD $297.00
Ex Tax:AUD $270.00
Brand: ISDT Model: ISDT FD-200
DescriptionSpecification: Dimension: 140x60x100mmWeight: 790gMax Discharger: 200WMinimum Input Voltage: 6VMaximum Input Voltage: 36VCurrent: 5/10..
AUD $122.95
Ex Tax:AUD $111.77
Brand: Caddx Model: Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit
The Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit 720p/120fps Low Latency HD Digital FPV System is the next generation Vista set with new and improved Nebula Pro camera...
AUD $205.00
Ex Tax:AUD $186.36
Brand: Matek Model: Matek H743-SLIM FPV Flight Controller
FC SpecificationsMCU: STM32H743VIH6, 480MHz , 1MB RAM, 2MB FlashIMU: MPU6000 (SPI1) & ICM20602 (SPI4)Baro: Infineon DPS310 (I2C2)OSD: AT7456E (SPI..
AUD $79.95
Ex Tax:AUD $72.68
Brand: RadioMaster Model: RadioMaster - TX16S MAX edition - CNC and Leather
The TX16S MAX edition is Radio Master’s flag ship Radio. Factory fitted with CNC option parts and leather grips the MAX edition is available in the fo..
AUD $356.40
Ex Tax:AUD $324.00
Brand: BUZZ Model: Extra payment $1 incrament
Use this option for extra charges that you may incur just add multiple items to make it up to the value negotiated. Repairs / extra configuratio..
AUD $1.00
Ex Tax:AUD $1.00
Model: XT30 Connectors
1 pair of male / female XT30 connectors  ..
AUD $1.60
Ex Tax:AUD $1.45
Brand: HQ Prop Model: HQ Durable Prop 5X5X3V1S (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate
HQ Durable Prop  5X5X3V1S (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate Racing Profile v1s Props from HQ Prop Polycarbonate for durability.  ..
AUD $4.63
Ex Tax:AUD $4.21
Brand: AzurePower Model: Johnny Fpv Juicy Props
The Azure JohnnyFPV Freestyle Propeller developed in collaboration with Johnny Schaer - "JohnnyFPV". The props feature an extremely light weight ..
AUD $5.08
Ex Tax:AUD $4.62
Model: Silicone wire - 1m length
Silicone Wire for all your modeling needs Various colours available all pre cut to 1m lengths Soft, flexible and high temperature rated. W..
AUD $1.87
Ex Tax:AUD $1.70
Model: 5cm RP-SMA Plug to Right Angle RP-SMA Pigtail
  5cm RP-SMA Plug to Right Angle RP-SMA  ..
AUD $1.10 AUD $5.20
Ex Tax:AUD $1.00
Brand: I-Flight Model: Beetle X5 V3 Carbon Molded FPV Racing Frame
IFLIGHT BEETLE X5 V3 CARBON MOULDING FPV RACING FRAME KIT iFlight Beetle, the latest masterpiece which is well-rounded FPV Racing quadcopter frame wi..
AUD $22.00 AUD $75.84
Ex Tax:AUD $20.00
Brand: Dal Prop Model: DAL 4
These are the same props that Surveilzone sell with the nickname of the "unbreakable props" They are formulated from a new mix of PC & Glass th..
AUD $0.22 AUD $0.51
Ex Tax:AUD $0.20
Brand: T-Motor Model: T-Motor MN2204 2300KV Brushless Motor
Specifications: KV..............................................................................................................1400 Configu..
AUD $13.20 AUD $29.32
Ex Tax:AUD $12.00
Brand: ImmersionRC Model: Vortex 150 Mini Racing Quadcopter
Start with the best ARF Race Quad, Shrink it, and add features   Following on from the incredible success of the Vortex 285 and Vortex ..
AUD $240.90 AUD $398.78
Ex Tax:AUD $219.00
Brand: I-Flight Model: XL7 V4 Long Range FPV Frame
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONiFlightRC is privileged to announce the release of the XL Series V4 Frames, the XL Series V4 frames are the achievement of Team iFl..
AUD $75.61
Ex Tax:AUD $68.73
Model: WLYL DJI FPV Gray Foam Padding
if you suffer from some light leakage on the stock foam - this one may be what you are chasingthis revised edition has less foam at the nose for a bet..
AUD $11.57
Ex Tax:AUD $10.52
Stack mountable full feature, full power VTx designed by VivaFPV! Super affordable!Compatible with SmartAudio 2.1, 30.5 x 30.5 stack mounting, R/C rec..
AUD $26.16
Ex Tax:AUD $23.78
Brand: I-Flight Model: Cable for GoPro Hero 6/7/8
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFeatures:1.High Comparability: Compatible with GoPro Hero6/7/83.High quality and fast charging.Specification:Model: Type-C to balan..
AUD $7.70
Ex Tax:AUD $7.00
Brand: I-Flight Model: TITAN DC2 HD Whoop - BNF
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFeatures:Less than 250grams included 4S 450mAh batteryNo Props or frame in view!Low Resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more ..
AUD $523.18
Ex Tax:AUD $475.62
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Brand: BetaFpv Model: BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery 4pc
BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Tiny Whoop Drone. Not sure if it's worth to switch BT2.0? Check more from Joshua Bar..
AUD $38.57
Ex Tax:AUD $35.06
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS GRAPHENE 650MAH 4S
The TBS Graphene packs are here! You get power when you need it, without regret. It takes a lot of abuse and doesn't set you back much from the start...
AUD $24.62
Ex Tax:AUD $22.38
HOTA D6 Pro Smart Charger AC200W DC650W 15A for Lipo LiIon NiMH Battery with Phone Wireless Charging. Features:Dual Channel Output, Charging Fast..
AUD $192.50
Ex Tax:AUD $175.00
Brand: Dinogy Model: DINOGY PLATINUM GRAPHENE 2.0 4S 1500MAH 130C Version 2
The new Premium Lipo ! - but not a premium priceSpecifications:14.8VMax Charge Rate 5CPack Weight 170gPack Size 33x34x75mmVideo from one of Dinog..
AUD $35.20
Ex Tax:AUD $32.00
Brand: Ethix Model: ETHIX BATTERY STRAPS V2 (4PCS)
Sometimes one strap does not fit all. This is our new 20x230mm Triple E lipo strap. We have revised our original design adding a threaded stitch to ho..
AUD $9.90
Ex Tax:AUD $9.00
SPECIFICATIONSBlades:3Material:PCPitch:3.5inchProp Disk Diameter:129.6mmCenter Thickness:7mmCenter Hole Inner diameter:5mm/POPOMax Prop Width:14.2mmWe..
AUD $5.08
Ex Tax:AUD $4.62
Brand: Dal Prop Model: Dalprop SpitFire T5147.5
Weight3.8gQuantity2 x CW 2 x CCWDiameter of Hub5mmSize of Prop5.1 inchMaterialPure PCHeight of Hub7mmPOPOSupport..
AUD $4.61
Ex Tax:AUD $4.20
Brand: Dal Prop Model: Dalprop Fold Series 7" Grey
We have selected to stock this prop in grey as it provides the least distraction if your props are in view...
AUD $6.16
Ex Tax:AUD $5.60
Brand: Gemfan Model: Gemfan Hurricane 51466
Get ready to race with Gemfan's Hurricane 51466 Durable 3-Blade Propeller. The 51466 Hurricane series was designed for agile flight at high speed with..
AUD $4.94
Ex Tax:AUD $4.49
Gemfan stepping in for the Cinewhoop/Cinedrone guys with the new ducted 76mm prop.SPECIFICATIONBlades:5Material:PCPitch:3inchProp Disk Diameter:76mmCe..
AUD $4.15
Ex Tax:AUD $3.77
Model: Rush Cherry RHCP UFL 1.2dBi 5.8Ghz FPV Antenna 2 pk
DescriptionA Pair Rush Cherry RHCP UFL 1.2dBi 5.8Ghz FPV Racing Antenna for RC DroneThis has a locking type ufl connector providing a more secure conn..
AUD $29.32
Ex Tax:AUD $26.66
BDI Digidapter - DJI FPV analogue module kit BDI Digidapter - DJI FPV analogue module kit
Out Of Stock
Model: BDI Digidapter - DJI FPV analogue module kit
Compatible with existing modulesThe Digidapter is compatible with existing analog modules. Featuring a standard 9 pin header for use with the TBS Fusi..
AUD $92.58
Ex Tax:AUD $84.17
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV - RACE 2 (MMCX)
A compilation of all the best practices and lessons learned. The smallest, most robust and full-featured video transmitter from TBS in a RACE format. ..
AUD $46.22
Ex Tax:AUD $42.02
Model: 10cm MMCX Male to MMCX Female Extension Cord
Specification:Product Name: MMCX pigtail CableConnector Type: MMCX male to MMCX femaleLength: 10 CMCable: RG 316Package included:1 x 10cm MMCX Male to..
AUD $6.56
Ex Tax:AUD $5.96
Brand: Team Black Sheep Model: TBS GLASS ND FILTERS - ND8
BACKGROUND:The lens is cut using industrial strength lasers. The result is a clean and extremely sharp finish absent of "Micro-scratches". (The t..
AUD $7.64
Ex Tax:AUD $6.94
Brand: Diatone Model: Diatone M3 Spare screw Pack
Spare screw pack - good to keep a few packs in your spares box4pc each size listed - also checkout the M2 Spares pack M3 *3  (4pcs/bag) ..
AUD $5.39
Ex Tax:AUD $4.90
Brand: MiniWare Model: TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Interface Mini Soldering Iron
The TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron is an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for s..
AUD $79.88
Ex Tax:AUD $72.62