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After modifying and testing previous Tachyon, the Tachyon V2 series motors has been finally released. The bell and case of Tachyon V2 have been plated to make it unique dazzling colorful. The Tachyon V2 is designed to be more durable while still providing sufficient power and incredible performance to amaze every pilot.

The iFlight TachyonV2 comes with the most suitable 420 steel hollow shaft, combined with high-quality NSK bearings, ensures smooth motor rotation. To speed up the rotation, we use a high-quality N52H magnet; Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core is surrounded by high-temperature resistant windings. What does this mean? It means the tachyonV2 can be pushed to the limit, the sturdy structure and high-quality materials make the Tachyon V2 like a beast. Two different sizes, five different KVs in total, perfectly match different powers that different pilots need.

There is a non-slip design on the contact surface between the motor and the propeller to increase friction and to improve durability; Multiple heat dissipation holes are designed to dissipate heat continuously; The bottom standard M3 16*16mm mounting hole pattern suit all frames on the market; The motor outlet length 150 mm meets different installing and soldering requirements; Each motor is dynamically balanced, applies to the highest standard of iFlight’s manufacturing and assembling.


What's New in V2?

* Single piece 4mm steel shaft with a screw termination in the base for easy maintenance

* Anti-slip grip deck for the propeller machined into the aluminum bell

* 2 Sizes, 5 KVs to perfectly match your flying style and setup

* Long 150mm motor wires for ultra clean setups with a 4in1 ESC even on 6" build



* Motor wire protected

* Multiple heat dissipation holes design

* Oxidation plated dazzling colorful 7075 T6 milled aluminum Bell and Base

* N52H High-temperature magnets

* Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core

* 220℃ Pacific Heat-Resistant Copper Wire, Solid Wire Winding

* Electromagnetically matched magnets and stator

* 50%-80% optimal throttle output, best efficiency

* Hex bolt shaft set screw

* Dynamically balanced

* 32.1g with wires


Package included:

- 1 x Tachyon V2 2306 Motor

- Hardware set * 1 bag

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