BOLT250 Frame
BOLT250 Frame
BOLT250 Frame
BOLT250 Frame

BOLT250 Frame

MORE INFO All carbon low profile mini H frame making an ideal FPV racer that can take the...
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BOLT250 Frame

BOLT250 Frame


BOLT250 Frame



All carbon low profile mini H frame making an ideal FPV racer that can take the hammering.  This is the ideal intro frame to get into the hobby.  It has plenty of space making the build easier.  Lets face it, as a newbie you crash a lot, this frame is designed to take a beating. Sure you can save a few dollars buying 'two buck' frame, but if you would rather spend more time flying and less time waiting for parts are doing repairs, this is the frame you want. 

This is the latest v1.1 version with updated stronger arms and redesigned top plate with FPV camera cut out and top bumpers. That's right, we invented protective impact bumpers, just one of the many features that keep you in the air.

Through a thoughtful design process, we have created a very compact frame that is very light without compromising strength or stiffness. One of the key features of the 250 Stealth is the 25mm standoffs and aluminium fixings. This makes the frame much stronger than standard 35mm based frames.  The use of aluminium fixings act as sacrificial parts in severe crashes allowing you to keep flying with your mates. 

We have also put together a HUGE hardware pack that includes a lot of the little stuff you wish you had during the build. Just add electronics and power and you are good to go. The STEALTH hardware includes:
  CF Top Plate : 1.5mm
  CF Upper Bottom Plate : 1.5mm
  CF Lower Bottom Plate : 1.5mm
  CF Arms : 3.0mm with 5in props
  CF Bottom Bumper : 3.0mm front protective bumper (not shown in photos). Automatically swapped for 4mm when purchasing 4mm arms.
  CF Top Bumper : 1.5mm front protective bumper (not shown in photos)
  CF Mini Cam Plate (25mm) : 1.5mm CF mini cam mounting plate.
  M3x12mm - 40pcs Black Aluminium Hex Socket Cap Machine Screws (8 spare)
  M3 - 20pcs Black Aluminium Hex Nylon Lock Nuts (4 spare)
  M3x25mm - 10pcs Aluminium Hex Standoffs (Black) (2 spare)
  M3x10mm - 4pcs Nylon Hex Standoffs (Black)
  M3x6mm - 10pcs Nylon Pan philips Machine Screws (Black) (2 spare)
  M3x6mm - 17 pcs Black Aluminium Hex Socket Cap Machine Screws (1 spare)
  M3 - 17pcs Black Aluminium washers (1spare)
  M3x1mm - 30 pcs black 1mm nylon washers (12 spare)
  Mini pdb - black solder mask, included as standard
  Battery Pad - Custom die cut batter pad

Bonus items included:

  2mm Zip Ties - 20pcs Black 2mm zip ties to secure components as required.
  4mm Zip Ties - 4pcs Black 4mm zip ties to secure RX antenna.
  3M Foam Tape - 10mm black double sided foam tape by 3M to secure components 

Optional Extras

Not too many extras to add to this baby, it already has most of the good stuff included. Possible options are:

6 Inch Arms - Need to fly with 6 inch props, upgrade from 5 inch to 6 inch.
4mm Arms - Flying at rediculous speeds, need extra strength, upgrade to thicker 4mm arms (5in or 6in). We automatically ship 4mm front bumper with 4mm arms. Please note that the motor mount slots for 4mm arms are 19x16mm typically suitable for 2204-2208 motors. For 1806 motors, the slots on the 4mm plate will need to be extended to be compatible with 1806 motors.

Required Components

All electronics, wiring, motors and props are not included and can be purchased separately. Please note that this quad is specifically designed to take a 25mm mini cam (eg. HS1177). 

Some suggested components with details of these items available on the specific product pages:

HS1177 Camera
2204 kv2300 size motors
20-30 amp ESCs
Naze 32 or F3 based flight controller
M-M servo 100mm servo leads
14AWG solicon wire pack
18AWG silicon wire pack
28AWG silicon wire pack
XT60 plugs
VTX antenna 
D-Sun regulator
3M Velcro
3M VHB Tape

We are unable to offer VTX for sale in Australia. The 200mw is our preference though.

We recommend you purchase extra M3x12 alu hex cap screws as well.

Build Comments

The hardware supplied will produce a very tough frame that is extremely stiff with build weight around the low to mid range mark.  It is designed to be a reliable quad that can handle many a crash with a minimum of maintenance.  It is great frame for new or intermediate flyers. It is equally capable in 3S or 4S configurations and will take a pounding.  Replacement parts are available if you break something.  We supply alu screws through although steel can also be used. However, we recommend the alu screws as supplied to mount the arms.

For more information and support, see:

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