EMAX Transporter 2 HD 5.8GHz FPV HDZero Goggles

EMAX has been working diligently with HDZero to bring you the EMAX Transporter 2 HD, EMAX's first...
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EMAX Transporter 2 HD 5.8GHz FPV HDZero Goggles


EMAX Transporter 2 HD 5.8GHz FPV HDZero Goggles


EMAX has been working diligently with HDZero to bring you the EMAX Transporter 2 HD, EMAX's first digital transmission high definition goggle and monitor based off the HDZero platform!

The EMAX Transporter 2 HD is an evolution of the compact-folding analog Transporter 2 Goggle / Monitor combo that retains all the great functionality and adaptability but adds a significant leap in transmission technology. These goggles can be used with any HDZero video transmitter and utilized as either a goggle or monitor as the screen portion can be removed for passenger ridealongs, bench testing, or for pilots who simply prefer to use a monitor instead of a goggle but wish to have the goggle function available. The Transporter 2 HD can be used as both a monitor and a goggle, providing a wide range of adaptability.

EMAX - Introducing The Transporter II HD


  • Compatible with any HDZero Transmitter
  • Supports MicroSD up to 64GB
  • 4.5" 720P 60Hz TFT Disaply
  • Goggle/Monitor Combo


Designed in collaboration with HDZero, the EMAX Transporter II HD boasts a bright, sharp, high definition resolution display compatible with HDZero's open source wireless transmission protocol, offering ultra low-latency video feeds for FPV racing needs. Utilizing a DVR system, recording HD quality videos of your flights for sharing with friends or social media online has never been easier which opens up a way to show your experiences with everyone.


Built into the Transporter II HD is a USB-C port offering a standard power input for pilots to power their goggles with any power USB source from wall chargers to mobile battery packs. Integrated into the display is a powerful backup battery designed to keep pilots in the air, even when other power sources run dry.


Engineered to be a removable display, customizing the way you fly has become standard. From being held on a tripod stand utilizing the mount, to being attached to the EMAX E8 transmitter, the Transporter II HD is designed with every pilot and way of flying in mind.


  • Weight: 411g (In goggle mode w/ antennas + strap)
  • SD Card Slot: MicroSD (Supports up to 64GB)
  • USB-C Power Input: 5V 2A USB recommended
  • Tripod Mount: 1/4“-20 Standard Tripod
  • Dimensions: 95mm x 155mm x 84mm
  • Built-In Battery: 2200mAh LiPo
  • Display: 4.5” 720P 60Hz TFT
  • Model: Transporter 2 HD


  • 1x EMAX Transporter 2 HD 5.8GHz FPV Goggles
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 2x Antennas

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