Kraken 7 GT
Kraken 7 GT
Kraken 7 GT

Kraken 7 GT

MORE INFO The Kraken 7 GT is an ultra-light weight and tough quad which is designed and...
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Kraken 7 GT

Kraken 7 GT


Kraken 7 GT



The Kraken 7 GT is an ultra-light weight and tough quad which is designed and made to deliver high agility as well increases flight times. It can be used as both an endurance racer or as a medium range freestyle cruiser.

Kraken frames feature true symmetrical X design with superb flight characteristics and outstanding maneuverability. Coupled with our unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod the Kraken delivers a racing pedigree that is hard to match for speed, handling, weight and strength.

The Kraken 7 GT features replaceable arms made from a carbon fiber foam sandwich that provides greater tensile strength to weight ratio compared to solid CF arms. In simple terms, the 5mm arms are stronger yet lighter than equivalent 4mm thick arms.

All up build weights are approximately 300 grams excluding battery. The frame will support batteries from 1000mah to 3000mah with the choice reflecting flight term versus agility. Recommended motor sizes are 2206-2208 with a 1400-1700kv.

The K7 arms are fully compatible with all K3, K4 and K5 and K6 frames. As the arms are 5mm thick, longer motor mount and frame screws may be required when converting existing frames. We recommend M3x8mm motor mount screws and M3x15 frame screws.

The BOLT2207 KV1660 has been specifically designed for this frame to provide high agility and race performance. It features a higher KV for increased top end performance and importantly, the 2207 stator delivers extra torque to improve responsiveness for the large

Key features include:
unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod
5mm thick carbon fiber foam sandwich arms
not a unibody, it has replaceable arms
true symmetrical X design
fits full size FPV equipment including HS1177 camera

The frame build is quite simple when compared to other extreme X frames. This reflects the unique pod design, custom pdb and integrated camera mount. This keeps your FC stack low with ample space for your electronics. 
The kit comprises of :

Kraken 7 GT Arms - 4pcs
Kraken 5 Bottom Plate - 1.5mm CF - 1pc
Kraken 5R PDB - 1.6mm Custom PDB - 1pc
Kraken Hardware Pack - 1 pack
M3x15mm steel hex button screws - 10pcs
Kraken PC Pod – 1.5mm - 1pc
Kraken PC Pod – 2.0mm - 1pc
Kraken HS1177 Cam Bracket Kit - 1 pack
Kraken Battery Pad
Kraken PDB FC Inset Nuts - 5pcs

• Arms are typically 4.8mm thick
• Composite sandwich arms are subject to more damage than solid arms from an edge impact with solid objects including metal and concrete structures.
• As the motor mount holes are 19x19, regular 220X size motors with 19x16mm mount pattern will only accept two screws.

More Information:

For information on building your Kraken see link here

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