Home Automation

Garage Door Automation with Shelly1 Keeping up with daily tasks can be a hassle, and one of those tasks is opening and closing the garage door. Imagine being able to...

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Work in progress

Site needed some loveI know the site isn't 100% ready to launch, but we thought we would launch with what we have and improve over time.We were getting some issues with the old hosting provider reaching inode limits so a lot of work has been done behind the scene to migrate the content to a new back-end.  A lot of the custom...

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Logging into your account

With the change in hosting platform you will notice that your old password doesn't work.As per our Privacy Policy all passwords are encrypted and we have no way of recovering an existing password from our previous hosting platformthe easy way to get back in to your account is to recover your password / create a new one via this Recover Password linkif...

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